MS TB: Get Involved!

From 7/5/08

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of and have not been endorsed by Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church. These are soley the views of the author and shall not be held responsible by any other party.
Many people ask me why I serve soo much. It’s mostly either church folk outside of Destiny or people who are not familiar with church. There are several reasons why, but let me just share a couple with you today.

First, I don’t feel that it’s right to be a member of a church, get the benefits of being a member, but not contribute to the body. It’s kinda like having welfare mentality. People on welfare get this “free” money every month, free food, discounted housing, free healthcare, and whatever else they get. They get all of this just for not working…well, supposedly not being able to rather. So what do they do? The ones that take advantage of the system don’t try to find work. I mean, if you think about it in a twisted kind of way, that sounds like a pretty good gig, eh? Yes, but that’s not how one should perpetually live. There’s more to life than just the day to day getting by. But anyway, that’s another blog. So, we have these Christians who are members of their respected churches. They come every week, and sometimes twice. They get fed the Word, they get whatever benefits that particular church has to offer, they have people that can support them and be accountable to, they pay tithes and claim it on their taxes, and all the other stuff you can do for being a member of a local church. Like the person on welfare, that’s a lot of good stuff to receive for just being a member, so why do anything else? I know everyone doesn’t think that way, but some do. Others honestly do not understand or even know that everyone should volunteer in some capacity, and hopefully I can encourage them to check it out and get plugged in. Some just don’t know what the needs are, and these people should find out. Others have circumstances that don’t allow them to do so, and God understands this and hopefully you are contributing in other ways.

Think of it this way. For this example, let’s say that everything we do (or don’t do) directly affects the pastor. Our pastors spend soo much time preparing to bring the Word to us, praying for us, counseling us, visiting us, and traveling on behalf of us. My pastor said that preaching one service is the equivalent of working one 8 hour day! That’s the affect that it has mentally and physically because they are giving of themselves, so mad props to the ones who do more than one a Sunday–especially Pastor Crute who does 4!! So, pastors do all of that, but if the body isn’t contributing anything back into the spiritual community, what kind of strain do you think that puts on him? How does that make him feel? What are the consequences for you, the member? It will be like having a company that has a great product where the sales people are out there selling hard, but no one is buying. How long will that company last? God didn’t give us gifts & talents just to say we have gifts & talents. Use them! SO…the point here is you are to serve in your local church to give back to God the gifts & talens He has given you and to make a contribution to your church.

Finally, and this is just me, I don’t feel 100% connected to a church if I am not serving. I don’t feel that my membership is complete without having a ministry to identify with. One reason is what I already mentioned about not contributing to the spiritual economy. Another reason is, unless you’re knee deep in the church gossip, there is almost no way that you can really know what is going on in the church, know the heart of your pastor, and/or be able to exercise the church’s vision if you are not contributing to it. How much can you really know about a place, person, or thing if you only visit it once or twice a week? Well, if you’ve been there for 10 years you could know a whole lot, but imagine what you could have been DOING for those 10 years. It’s kinda like being the old man that sits outside the barber shop that can tell you every length of history about the town. That’s great information, but unless you plan on going on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, what’s the point? What did you do while living through it to help foster change or make a difference in those stories?

Your church serves you on a regular basis. And you know it’s really not the church, but our gracious God serving us by way of a church. Get involved in a ministry and serve God. Show Him that His gifts are not wasting away. Show Him that you appreciate everything He’s done, is doing, and will do. Be accountable to your Pastor, and help him accomplish his goals and see the fruition of his vision. Go ye!


What are your thoughts on this?

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