MS TB: I Don’t Understand Us!

From 7/14/07

I don’t understand Christians some times.  Specifically Black Christians.  There’s like some sort of double standard going on that I do not agree with.  I listen to Kevin & Taylor in The Morning on 104.7 The Fish every morning because they are HIlarious!  I don’t care for the Yolanda Adams show because she talks too much, but if The Fish is on commercial I’ll tune in to see what she’s talking about.  Anyhoo, Friday I flipped to there and Bro. Larry was giving the run down of the box office hits.  He mentioned Harry Potter was opening this weekend, and if you’re going to see it you should be “prayed up.”  Then, without missing a beat, they started talking about Talk To Me and how everyone should go see it to see what things were like back in the day.  I was like WHAT?!!!  How in the world could they make such endorsements?  They practically tell you NOT to go see Harry Potter, but tell you to go see Talk to Me.  What is the difference from me going to see some kids do some magic tricks than watching something that is PROFUSE with perverse language and sexual content?  Not a thing!  Sin is sin, and I don’t care who’s promoting it.  I understand the whole thing about us needing to support each other’s efforts, but when does it stop?  Just because a “brother” or “sister” does something doesn’t mean that we have to BLINDLY support it.  Especially those of us who call ourselves Christians!!  See, we keep watching this crap in the name of supporting our people, but we don’t even realize what it’s doing to our spirits.  And we wonder why we have so much drama and trouble in our life!  We let the devil in!  I mean, dude didn’t even have to knock.  We just opened the door, told him to have a seat, and made him comfortable in our home.  That’s exactly why we watch filth like that is because we submerge ourselves with it so much that we are comfortable with it, so we don’t see what the big deal is.  That is so dangerous!  That part of our heart is so calloused we don’t even feel God tugging at it anymore.  We need to stop winking at sin and DEAL with it!  No more letting Satan in.  It’s time for us to BE more like Jesus than just saying that we are like Him.


What are your thoughts on this?

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