MS TB: More Random Me!

From 5/24/08

You know what really sucks about blogging on MySpace? I don’t WRITE in my journal as much anymore!! I’m gonna have to like print these things out and paste them in there or something lol. I mean, I still keep journals and write in them occassionally…like around bedtime after I’ve gotten off the PC or when I’m hanging around in bed on the weekends. Yeah man…can’t publish EVERYTHING! Some stuff is just between me, the pen, the notebook, the sheets, Jesus, and whomever I decide to share it with. Blogging is cool though. I mean, I get to share my thoughts with anyone who wants to know them all at the same time without having to pick up the phone and call…which I’m not good at anyway . Yes, I know…I don’t call you! lol, I’m very sorry. Trying to learn how to do that as well as opening up (from previous blog).

Somebody let me hold their iPod Touch. BIG MISTAKE! Now I’m in love again!! I mean, ok…I was given an iPod Shuffle, and yall, I actually learned the art of contentment…believe it or not. I’ve had that thing since Christmas and I’ve seen how little I use it, and when I use it how long I use it, and I decided that 1GB of music on a device with NO screen was ok with me…until last Wednesday!! You know how they have signs at the zoo that say “don’t feed the monkeys?” Well here’s a sign: “don’t let the Jessica touch the electronics!!”

Speaking of being in love again…I had some ribs yesterday! lol, they were SHO NUFF good!! The person that made them was somebody’s mama and she almost got SLAPPED! LOL, I’m just playing. I really did have a good Easter dinner though. I mean, the cornbread was soo good and soo moist I didn’t miss putting extra butter on! Some of yall know about me and butter man. Only thing that was missing was some mac ‘n cheese.

Ok, speaking of being in love for real…well, honestly I haven’t experienced that joy yet. Yeah…I know……you can’t believe it. Then don’t! lol, anyway, if anyone keeps up with my writings you know that when I’m not being completely silly and random (lol) that I write a lot about deepening my relationship with God. I’m trying to remember how to fall in love with Jesus. Well, I remember, but I’m just too darn stubborn sometimes. Anyway, so about a week ago I thought of a song I hadn’t heard in a LONG time. It’s a very simple song, but it is soo deep. At least to me it is. It says:

Lord I want to love You
Love You more
Lord I want to love You
Love You more
Lord I want to love You
With all that’s in my heart

Isn’t that just the cry of your heart? So, I was hearing that song all week, and occassionally I’d sing it. I don’t know about you, but that song kinda moves me! Anyway, so yesterday while I was getting pretty before time to sing, the song came to me again. So, you know, there’s nothing deep about worshipping God. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing and lay prostrate before Him and get all teared up and snotty–and if you do that’s great. If you feel the urge, then you just do it! So there I was, applying make-up and singing to the Lord…really quiet of course–God is still working out that shyness thing. Then we were encouraged to keep quiet and be prayerful. I was like, ha…already there sister! lol, but anyway…God is soo cool. I do want to love Him more, and I’m soo glad that He’s steadily trying to woo me. I was talking to Him the other night and I was like, “…in order to accomplish what you’ve set out for me to do, I need to see less of me and more of you…so, dude, can’t you like just KNOCK me out the way??” lol, He’s such a gentleman. One of these days I’ll…whoa, isn’t that what Pastor Crute talking about on Sunday? The “one of these days I’ll…” statements. Man, that’s serious. Well folks, on that note I must end here and go think about what I was about to say and charlar con El Padre. Buenas noches!
Yeah, I know you don’t appreciate me switchin up on you like that LOL


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