MS Throwback: Humbled

From 9/27/06

I am so humbled right now.  I’m amazed at how God uses such small acts of obedience to accomplish such big things.  Tonight I was reminded of how God used me to unknowingly start a revolution.  The second semester of my freshman year was very tough.  I was majoring in Computer Science at the time, and I was taking my first major class.  Unlike my classmates, I didn’t grow up coding, wasn’t born with a PC in hand, and certainly was not a computer nerd.  I struggled through that class and ended up failing.  That summer I decided that CS wasn’t for me and that I was gonna change to something COMPLETELY different that I thought I would enjoy more:  Psychology.  I wanted to counsel people and help them with their problems.  At the time I didn’t realize that I was already doing that.  But anyway, changing majors meant changing schools, and the school I chose was not in Atlanta, so I was going to move.  I was going to drop everything and move to Millegeville, GA.  I wanted this so bad that I tried to ignore all the signs that were telling me to stay.  It had gotten so bad where I recognized that EVERYTHING in my life was telling me to stay, but I didn’t care!  This was what I wanted, and was what I was going to do.  Finally, in December, God saw that I needed some “divine” intervention because I was just about ready to mail my application.  He sent my dad to talk to me.  So, we talked and I decided that I would stay here and stick it out in CS.  My dad told me that God had plans for me here in Atlanta, and MAN was he right.  I was already going to Destiny at the time, but now I could really call Destiny home since I wasn’t going anywhere.  I got a little more involved and started inviting my classmates to come to church with me.  Little did I know that my decision to stay in Atlanta and go to Destiny would bring so many people from my school to the church.  I had no idea!  When I started going to Destiny, there was ONE other person from SPSU, and he attended “part time.”  But, I started going there, I brought people, they brought people, and the cycle continues today even after I’m graduated!  Everyone at SPSU who goes to Destiny is there because of me!  I’m not saying that to sound important at all, because it’s not even about that.  The point is that I am humbled right now because God trusted me enough to make that decision that would impact so many people’s lives.  That is amazing to me!  What would have happened if I had left?  Would all of those people have come to Jesus?  Would anyone know anything about Destiny?  What would they be like today?  Of course I wouldn’t have known anything about it then, but it’s scary to think that I could have been the cause of them dying and going to Hell because of my selfish desire.  Wow!!!  Thank You God for Your mercy and grace!  Thank You for intervening in my life!  Thanks for not giving  up on me.  Thanks for allowing me to see beyond what I felt, and giving me the wherewithall to press through the pain so that others would come to You.  I am so humbled!!!


What are your thoughts on this?

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