MySpace Throwback: Incredible

This was the second blog I wrote on MS from 9/1/06

For those of you who know me pretty well, you know that I have a “new jam” every month seems like.  Well, thanks to MySpace music you can listen to my jam of the month whenever you visit my page…..well, at least until I change it again lol.  “Incredible God, Incredible Praise” is my new joint!!  Those that know me know I’m not too much into “churchy” gospel music, but man, that song right there TOOK me!  I love songs that speak of God’s greatness.  You know, singing about how God’s gonna fix it, block it, or get me over is ok, and sometimes we need that.  But if you REALLY want to take me “there” and have me hooked, you gotta tell me about God.  Tell me about how awesome He is.  Tell me about His wondrous works.  THAT is what really gets my attention.

Some of you also know that I like to use descriptive words like awesome, wonderful, amazing, etc. all the time.  For some reason I never really gave any thought to the word incredible.  That’s my kind of word!  It’s so……………powerful!  I mean, what do you think about when someone says that something/someone is incredible?  That thing/person must be pretty amazing eh?  Yeah.  So, with this song talking about how incredible God is and giving Him incredible praise…….man, what does that look like?  That just makes God even larger, even greater, much more than I ever thought of Him.  He’s INCREDIBLE!!!  What does incredible praise look like?  I’m not quite sure, but we all can stand to step up our game a lot to make it INCREDIBLE!  What does incredible mean?

incredible– adj.  1. so extraordinary as to seem impossible

WOW!!!  We always say that God can do the impossible.  What does it look like when God does something so extraordinary that it seems beyond impossible?  Do we only get those kinds of results when we give Him praise that is so extraordinary that it doesn’t seem possible to praise Him at such a level?  I don’t know, but I am convicted at the thought of this.  My God, Who is incredible and deserving of incredible praise, gets the little praise I give Him on Sundays, Wednesdays, and a few times during the week?  Nah, I’ve got to give my God more of what He deserves.  Let’s all decide to give God the praise He is due.  Remember, “…an incredible God deserves incredible praise.”


What are your thoughts on this?

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