Daniel 2009 – Day 2

Good evening!  I hope this new year is still going well for you!  After all…it is only day 2.  Anyway, January not only brings me a new year, but a new start in my spiritual life with the Daniel Fast.  Maybe I’ll explain exactly what that is (and why it is) later for those who may not know.  In a nutshell, it’s a 21 day fast where you eat pretty much only fruits & veggies.  There’s other things too, but like I said…at a later date.  Fasting provides an atmosphere that allows you to clear out any (or all if you’re extreme!) distractions you have and really grasp God’s attention.  Well actually…He’s grasping ours because we always have His attention.  If you’ve never fasted before–I’m telling you–you would be surprised how simple, everyday, and even mundane tasks can distract you from what’s really important.  I’d encourage you to try it!  Of course 21 days might be a tad bit much for a beginner…but it’s a new year!  Step out of the box and try something new!

So, about this food thing.  Everyone knows how big of a deal food is to us–especially Americans!  We eat when we’re bored…we eat when we’re sad…we eat when we’re lonely…we eat because we’re celebrating…we eat because we’re chillin…we just love to eat!!  So, take away that food for a while and watch how your world will change.  It’s an amazing.  So, I haven’t really done any major grocery shopping yet because I haven’t been in the mood.  I just picked up and few things on NYE to keep me remotely satiated until I go…hopefully tomorrow!  I had two meals today which is great because normally during this fast I’m a snackaholic.  Anyway, it was nearing dinner time and I started to get hungry.  But since I haven’t done any major shopping yet there wasn’t much to create.  So, you know how we do…start to get REAL creative!  So I’m looking in my pantry to see what I can do, and my eyes fall on a canister of quick grits.  I had a quick flashback of a midweek service where Pastor Crute was doing a Q&A for the fast.  Someone asked about grits, and he said something like, “you can eat them…but without butter, I don’t know why you’d want to!”  I probably said amen on that one lol.  Anyway, but then I remembered these grits that a friend said that he makes.  He sautes onions & peppers and puts garlic powder in it.  At first I thought that sounded extremely weird, but then I was intrigued.  I always said I would try it one day, but never did…until tonight!  I saw the grits, the peppers, and the onions and went to work.  YOU GUYS………I NEVER thought I would enjoy butterless grits, but YOU GUYS!!!!  THESE JANKS ARE SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!  OMG!!!  You have got to try them!  Shoot…come by and I’ll make them for us 🙂

Anyway, you see how food can get us distracted??  SO, I was laying in bed today listening to the rain, and debating when exactly I should get up.  For the past few weeks (or maybe months) my room has looked a like a war zone.  I mean, we’re talking clothes not hung up and in a pile that gets transferred from the bed to the chair everyday and night…boxes full of stuff everywhere…and the papers…MY GOD the papers everywhere!!  I don’t consider myself to be a neat freak, but I DO enjoy organization!  Usually I don’t let my room get to that level, but when it does, I get to a point where I feel extremely overwhelmed and feel like I can’t fix it.  Needless to say I’ve been at that point for a while.  Anyway, so I’m laying in bed listening to the rain in this extremely chaotic room.  I felt the urge to get up and have some quiet time, but there was no way in the world I was going to get ANYTHING accomplished in that environment.  But I really felt God tugging at me.  So, after a few minutes, I got up, put my Daniel mix on in iTunes, and started to clean up the room.  Let me tell you…THAT was worship!  God provided a special atmosphere where I didn’t feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or anything negative.  I just sang and cleaned my room until the job was done.  And when I was done, I felt like the Lord was pleased.

If you haven’t read the Purpose Driven Life, then read it!  It explains how “worship” isn’t just what you do on Sunday with your hands raised and tears flowing down your face.  Worship is how you live…it’s a way of life.  If you’re doing something that honors God, then that is worship.  Washing dishes and cleaning can be worship because you are being a good steward of what He’s giving you.  Spending time with family can be worship because God has given those people to us.  So…just worship Him in everything that you do!  He loves it!!


2 thoughts on “Daniel 2009 – Day 2

  1. Sheronda says:

    Hello, my name is Sheronda and I too am a snackaholic! But yeah those grits sound great. I speak a divine cleaning/healing over my room…setting the atmosphere for worship is a good idea.

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