Daniel 2009 – Day 9

Good evening…or morning I should say.  I hope that 2009 is still treating you well.  I’m telling you…it seems like everyday so far I get more and more fired up about the awesomeness and potential of this year!  It’s gonna be a HOT one!!

The fast is about halfway over now…wait…is it really?  Yeah, it is!  Dude…my position is worse than I thought lol.  It seems like we just started a few days ago!  Wow.  Well, I was definitely thinking that I needed to turn it up before, but I DEFINITELY need to turn it up now!!  Need to spend more time in the Word and have more quality times of worship!  Someone said that a fast without time in the Word and prayer is a diet…you’ll loose weight, but that does nothing for your spiritual life.  Man…can you tell I’m seriously taken aback about this thing being almost over?  Wow.  Well, I’ll go ahead and say what I wanted to say before, but now it will have even more meaning!

My life is one huge iPod that is always set to random and repeat.  Music never stops flowing through my head, and because of my eclectic tastes, the most random things pop into my head.  So, as you can imagine, my life always has different theme songs at various points in my life.  There’s always a different song that reflects how I’m feeling or what I need God to do during these fasting times.  This year is no different, and it’s soo ironic how this year’s song is the one that I had to sing for DestinyStyle’s “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!”  Yes…I got up and sang in front of everyone AGAIN, but this time I volunteered myself 🙂  I told yall…I’m coming out in 2009!!  Anyway, I just want to encourage everyone who is participating in the Daniel this year to SERIOUSLY turn it up!!  Cut out some of that music!  Stop eating soo many soy products!  Do whatever you need to do to get closer to Him during this second half.  He’s waiting!

Without further ado…I give you an excerpt of Clay by Destiny Praise (with emphasis).

Make me a vessel that’s pleasing in Your sight
You require  brokenness
Take all the pieces and melt me in greatness
I give You all my heart and my soul
Mold me in Your hand ’til I’m just like pure gold

Make me
Break me
Mar me
Purge me
Shape me
Form me
Merciful Potter
My life is Your Clay

Pride and ambition I cast before Your throne
You desire faithfulness
BUT MY WAYS ARE SELFISH, thoughtless, so careless


What are your thoughts on this?

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