I’m Joining the Smart Phone Revolution!

I know what you’re thinking. “As techie as YOU are, you don’t have a Smart Phone??” YES! It’s true. I, Jessica Brown–a techie–do NOT own or operate a Smart Phone! There, are you happy now? lol, allow me to explain. I know me. The moment Smart Phones came into existence I wanted one…and I wanted it bad! However, since I am very familiar with myself, I decided (and stood by that decision for many years up until now) that I would not join that world. See, as a techie, I need balance in my life. My life is soo consumed with technology that I need periods of time to be “unplugged,” you know what I mean? Like, at work, I’m on a computer ALL day. My business is Internet based, so I’m at the computer constantly for that. In my “free” time you might catch me playing The Sims 2. I pay all my bills online. Do you see that there isn’t a whole lot of time in my life to be unplugged?? So, for that reason I didn’t want a Smart Phone because then I could actually be “plugged in” ALL the time because I’ll have almost everything I need in the palm of my hand. However, I’ve been feeling the need (not the want) lately to have more things available to me on the go. First it started with me getting a wireless PC card so I can take the Internet with me wherever I go. But now with the growth of my business and other things keeping me busy, I need more things accessible to me more often. So…I’ve decided to finally join the revolution.

Ever since the iPhone came out, I’ve wanted a touch screen phone. Before I decided to get a Smart Phone, I was going to get the LG Voyager because it’s exactly like the phone I have now (which I LOVE) but a little better and has a touch scree front. I really wish it were a Smart Phone because that would be perfect for me: touch screen AND a full QWERTY keyboard with buttons that are large and easy to text with. I’m gonna miss even though I haven’t even bought it yet lol. However, I’ve settled on two phones: Samsung Omnia and Blackberry Storm. I have about a month to decide which one I want. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? What are the pros and cons? I checked out the reviews of both on Cnet (of course lol), but both have their own issues, so I could take either one. Does anyone know if VZW has some sort of trial program where you can try a phone with no obligation? Does that kind of thing exist anywhere?? LOL


What are your thoughts on this?

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