My 27th!

Happy birthday to ME!! YAY! Well…let me tell you…only half of the day was actually good! I vow NEVER to go to work on my birthday again!! I mean, talkin’ ’bout being DEPRESSED!!! lol, I mean, I’ve had my equal share of being off as well as working on my birthday. Both, to me, has their share of pros & cons…well, at least for me they do. See, in my mind, if you don’t have any money and aren’t planning anything special, then why stay home and waste the PTO? Especially if you don’t get much from the start! So, that was my mindset today, and besides, I already had some time off planned for this week so I decided to go to work. Let me tell you…I WOKE UP jacked up! I mean like, I wasn’t even thinking about the office yet, but I guess something in my subconscious was like ummmm………..this is not such a good idea. So, you know, I was dragging…got up extremely late…was driving to work with a chip on my shoulder…got to work late…and had a major TUDE with my customers. And then on top of that NO ONE remembered it was my birthday. Wait…I take that back…Dalia Garcia remembered! Yeah…I called her name, what?! LOL, anyway, it was jacked up. I had the date marked on my desk calendar, the Outlook calendar (and I actually don’t think I put that there because I never refer to myself as Jessica Brown!), AND the SharePoint calendar! On top of all that I was talking about it all last week, and everyone forgot. I don’t like to make a huge deal out of things, so I didn’t say anything. But, you know, towards the end of the day I was like hold up now…NONE of yall remembered?? So I started bringing it up in conversations, and of course (so lackluster) folks were like, “oh…it’s your birthday? Happy birthday.” Can’t you hear the dryness in that? LOL, well that’s how they were. But you know, folks just have a way of making you feel SOOO important!! Anyway…I’m sure you can tell I was just itching to get out of there today man! I sped home, replied to all my wishes on FB, hopped in the shower, turned up my crunk playlist, and got ready to go. You know…after that day I needed a little pep! To my roommate (not that she’s actually reading this), I’m sorry if the music was too loud…but I really needed to get crunked up!! But anyway, that was the day.

The night was fun! Me and my girls went to P.F. Chang’s and had dinner and a whole lot of laughs! I love you gals!! So, at 11:45 PM the day is almost over…but the celebration is not!! I’m extending this to a birthday WEEK! So, if you did not get a chance to celebrate with me you’re in luck! Tomorrow’s lunch is already booked, so don’t pick that. Actually lunch this week will be your best bet unless you like late dinners. Tuesday-Thursday I won’t be available until after 9:30. Holla atcha girl!


What are your thoughts on this?

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