You’ll Find Whatever You’re Looking For…

I’m writing this in response to the (in my opinion) terribly mistaken responses of African Americans nationwide in reference to this cartoon from the NY Post. I’ll probably lose friends and upset some, but quite frankly, I don’t care.

For those who have been living in a cave, or maybe you’re reading this several years from now, this is basically how the cartoon played out. There were two policemen standing over a dead chimpanzee with a smoking gun, and one of them said, “They’ll have to find someone else to write their stimulus bill.” I don’t remember the exact number, but President Barack Obama had just signed a God awfully large stimulus package to help with this recession. I think it was in the area of seven or eight hundred billion dollars. Anyway, as you can imagine, Black people took offense to this and chose to believe that the NY times was calling the president a monkey (which was formally a racial slur for Blacks).

Now, I totally understand how that could be misconstrued as such. I also understand the power of free speech, and I know that racism still exist, but come on now! Do you honestly think that the NY POST being one of the most popular newspapers in the WORLD would actually post something in their paper with the sole purpose of offending Black people?? And even if they did, do you understand how many eyes these things have to go through before they get published? Do you think that EVERYONE in upper management at the NY Post conspired together to slander the president in this way? Come on man!! You want to know what I thought when I heard about this? This is the God honest truth. I thought that IF they were in fact making a reference to Barack Obama himself, then I honestly thought that they chose a chimpanzee because he has large ears and they were trying to say he looked like one JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH GEORGE W. BUSH!! Why was it ok then, but it’s not ok now?

I may be a Black woman, but I choose not to subscribe to all of this “Black” stuff. I am a child of God who happens to be Black! Now, yes, I AM proud to be a Black woman in America. There is no other race I’d rather be! Nonetheless, there is a mentality amongst our people that exists and I just can’t subscribe to it. Maybe you’ve noticed it before, and maybe you haven’t. The Civil Rights movement has come and gone. People have been assassinated, jailed, and down right murdered for the cause of equal opportunity for Black people. And to a certain extent, their sacrifice has paid off. True, there is still some issues out there, but you would be blind not to recognize that we have come a long way! Black people are CEOs, millionaires, philanthropists, entertainers, spokespersons, …….president!! All of these things that we couldn’t be before we are, and it’s not uncommon anymore. Interracial marriages and relationships are commonplace–true, maybe not always accepted, but commonplace. We’ve been able to vote for some time now, but I won’t mention how there’s still a vast majority of us that do not take advantage of that priviledge. Ok, soap box time…how in the world do we have the right to get upset over some of the stuff that we get upset about, but a large majority of us don’t even vote?? People talk about the sacrifices of the past and how we still have to fight sometime, but what about the people who sacrificed in order for us to be able to do something as simple as vote? Why don’t we hold that privilege as dear as other things? I’m getting off the soap box now because there’s other things that people fought for that we have no regard for…like sitting in the FRONT of the bus!! Ok, but anyway, my point here is that we’ve come a long way in the past 40 years, but why do we still act like nothing has happened? Why do we still look at others and place on them mentalities and thought processes that may not be true? Why don’t we give people a chance to show who they really are instead of assigning them a personality? Why do we still have this victim mentality? Yes, in the past we have been victims, and in SOME cases today we are. I mean, it’s like we walk around here on the defensive all the time. You can see it! It’s almost like Black people have this sign on our foreheads that say “I’m Black, and you can’t talk about me or you’ll get in trouble.” I think that we are always LOOKING for someone to say something/do something just so we can have the right to be upset. Better yet, I think we’re always looking for something just so we can have the right to say, “See, I told you so,” and go back to our 40 year old mentality. Secretly I think people do not want to admit exactly how far we’ve come because then they would have to admit and accept that other people might actually be cool.

As I close, you WILL find what you are looking for. If you’re looking for God you’ll find Him. If you’re looking for a spouse you’ll find him/her. If you’re looking for trouble you’ll find it. If you’re looking for negative you’ll find it. You can find WHATEVER you’re looking for! Have you ever noticed that people like Rev. Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are ALWAYS around for negative issues? A Black person gets beat or murdered…here they come. A Black person is wrongfully jailed…here they come. Someone is denied something because they are Black…here they come! Where are they when Black people do good things? Where are they when some good brothers who are working hard, never been in trouble, and honestly want to do the right thing get their kids taken away at the hand of their mother who could care less and just wants the child support money? Where are they when a Black man assumes a high leadership in a fortune 500 company? Where are they when a Black person discovers a cure for whatever disease? They are nowhere to be found because they are always looking for negative, and I think they are some of the ones mentioned before who does not want to admit our progress to reserve the “right” for complaining, holding malice, and passing judgment, and they need to learn how to FORGIVE or they will have to answer to the Lord!! Anyway, again…you will find whatever it is you’re looking for. Stop looking for the negative in people/situations, and start looking for the good. Then and only then can we start to mend our broken minds, be unified, and REALLY overcome!


What are your thoughts on this?

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