The Five Love Languages

I was at a business conference this weekend, and I am SO blessed to be a part of an organization that is not afraid to acknowledge God and His sovereignty. Every major conference we place our agenda on hold for a couple hours to worship together. We have a full, fledged church service fully equipped with altar call and everything! And get this: HUNDREDS of people commit their lives to Christ for the first time EVERY time we get together!! It’s totally awesome. Maybe I’ll write about that later. But anyway, today the leaders were just sharing their testimonies and a few nuggets about how to live this life as a Christian. One lady said this, and I was blown away: God is the author of the five love languages, and He wants everything you want. No pun intended! BTW, if you haven’t read that book, then read it!! Anyway, I know that God has emotions and feels the same way about some things that we do, but I never really made that connection before. So, pretty much what she was saying was that there is soo much more to God, and soo much more that we could be doing for Him if we remain cognizant of His attributes. So, for the sake of those who haven’t read the book, and also for the fact that this IS my soap box ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to go through each language with some ideas of what we could be doing for God.

If you haven’t recognized that God loves quality time, then your head needs to be examined! God LOVES quality time!! He loves it when we talk to Him, worship Him, and spend time in His Word. As a matter of fact, the Bible is evidence that God demands that we spend time with Him. Why do you think it’s soo long? LOL

Yes…He IS God, and He knows He’s all that, but He wants to hear US say it! God LOVES it when we shower Him with our praise and thanksgiving. He LOVES it when we tell Him that He’s all together lovely, all together worthy, and all together wonderful to us. Just tell Him how you really feel. He loves that.

Obviously we cannot actually go up to heaven and physical stroke God, but we CAN touch His heart. God LOVES it when we do things that touch Him. It’s like being a parent who is proud of his children. There’s just certain things that you can do that will just bless God’s heart such as living a life beyond reproach, living a lifestyle of worship, keeping His commandments, giving of yourself…and I could go on and on.

If you didn’t know God LOVES gifts, then you must have selective hearing! See, one thing about the love languages is that for the most part a person will give and receive love in the same language. For example, if someone’s love language is gifts, then not only do they love to receive gifts, but also they love to give them too. Can’t you see how that’s reflective of God as well? God GAVE His only Son. He also GAVE us gifts such as spiritual gifts, talents, and treasure, and He wants those gifts back. Not in the indian giver since, but since He gave us something, then He wants something in return so why not give Him back what He gave us with our “stank” on it LOL. If God gifted you to sing, then use the gift and sing to God. If you have a job that was GIFTED TO YOU BY GOD, then pay your tithes!!! And on that note, I’m going to end this section ๐Ÿ˜›

This is huge. God LOVES it when we serve Him! What do you think ministry and missions are all about? I know…everytime you hear the word missions you think about going to a foreign country and living in the woods for a week. While some people are called to do those types of things, everyone is not meant to go and do those types of things. Everyone has a personal mission for which you were created to accomplish. Whatever God’s plan is for your life, and whatever you were created to do is a God given mission that He LOVES to see us engage in. Find out what your purpose is, and walk in it. Also, if you’re not involved in a ministry at your local church, then I would strongly urge you to consider doing something.

Those are the five love languages outlined by Gary Chapman in his books, and if you haven’t read one please do. Let’s all make a contentious effort to love on God with ALL the love languages, and not just the one we speak the most of what we THINK He wants.

God bless!


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