Random Thoughts

I was in NY last week with the family.  It was great!  I didn’t realize that we hadn’t been there (as a family) in about 8 yrs.  I’ve been myself since and my father has too.  It was really nice to get reacquainted–again–with the family.  Hopefully we’ll be able to stay in touch this time.  So far I have 7 family members on Facebook!  That really helps a lot.

I should have copied my latest note from FB on here because it was really good, but I made a discovery this weekend.  I was reading my last post (the excerpt from the book), and I was like, “whoa…this subject is kinda controversial…wait a minute, people are going to actually read this.  People are going to read this??  They’re going to be mad at me!”  At the moment I knew that my calling is more than just writing entertaining Christian fiction and life changing non-fiction.  It’s about rocking the boat and challenging beliefs.  There a lot of unnecessary practices & thought processes that we Christians take on that are just plain stupid, and some of need to have our cage rattled a bit.  It all makes sense though.  I always describe myself as being not your average ____[fill in the blank]____.  I don’t think like you think I should, and I don’t act like you think I should.  I’m just not like the masses.  What I think about politics, relationships, race, etc. would probably shock you because I’m just a “matter of fact” kind of person.  I don’t care about what’s popular and what everyone else is doing.  I love truth, and truth is what I “preach.”  Most people don’t like the truth, therefore the stuff I write is going to stir some people up.  Maybe if I remember when I get home I’ll copy that note on here.

I actually had quite a few more things to say, but I had a visitor and lost my train of thought…not that I really had one since this about shear randomness.  Oh well.  If I remember later, or if I just feel like writing again, I’ll come back later.  Ciao!


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