Reflections On Dominion: The Level Above Swagger

Good morning everyone on the information super highway!  Wow, that’s a throwback term lol.  I was just reflecting on our father’s day message from yesterday which was titled Dominion:  The Level Above Swagger.  Isn’t that heavy?  Pastor Crute invited the elders to teach with him, and it was awesome.  They started by defining what swagger is.  Everyone should know by now, but in case you’re unfamiliar, in a nutshell it’s the way a person–particularly a man–carries himself.  It’s everything about him:  the way he walks, dresses, his style, his attitude, his confidence…everything!  A man’s swagger is what will probably get your attention.  Swagger is great, and sometimes intoxicating, but there is a level above swagger that is deeper, more confident, and what REAL men have!  You ever seen that bumper sticker (or maybe it’s a t-shirt) that says, “Real men love Jesus?”  Yeah, well it’s true.  A man without Jesus is at best a good man, but in order to be a real man he has to love Jesus.  In addition to that, real men don’ t just have swag, but they walk in dominion!  So what is dominion?  Well, Webster says:

1. the power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority.

2. rule; control; domination.

Spiritually speaking, dominion is the authority that you walk in when you come to the realization of who you are in Christ, who God is in your life, what your role is, and what authority God has given you.  Elder Renfroe gave the example of a hotel vs. your home.  How do you know the difference between staying in a hotel room and living in YOUR house?  First of all, in a hotel you have to tell them when you’re coming and how long you’re going to stay.  They give you the plastic card and you go to the room that someone else has already been in and will be in after you leave.  You hang out in the room on the furniture that tons have people have sat on, sleep in the bed on sheets that have been washed 1000 times, etc.  But when you are at HOME, you have a key that lets you in anytime you want, and you can go and come as you please.  You have access to EVERY room.  Only you, your family, and invited guests have sat on your furniture.  Heck, you can MOVE the furniture if you want.  Why?  Because it’s yours.  Oftentimes we treat our lives like we’re renting a hotel room!  But once you realize the authority that God has given you and the proverbial land that He has called you to possess, then you start walking in dominion so you can possess the land!  That’s having the homeowner mentality.  Every place you go is yours because God said (in Joshua) that every place your feet touches is yours!  So, how far will you go?


Let me bring this home for some of you.  I always like to think abstractly about the messages that are brought forth in my church because, quite frankly, as a single if I only look at the surface  I can miss a whole lot.  When I hear messages like this, or we’re in a family series, I take copious mental notes because though the message may not apply to me at this moment one day it will.  I aim to be the woman of God that I was created to be which includes the titles of wife and mother.  You don’t wait until you have these titles to start learning about how to become her.  If you have the opportunity NOW the learn, then take it!!  I want to be as prepared as possible beforehand so I can be the woman my husband and my children will need me to be.  So, if you’re a single woman out there and you’re wondering how you can apply this father’s day message to your own life, then it’s simple.  Start looking for dominion!!  Swagger is great, but dominion is HOT!  I hear you, and I definitely feel you.  You’re 2x, 3x, 4x years old and STILL single…your biological clock is ticking…how long Lord…you’re tired of waiting…blah blah blah.  Yeah, whatever!  Listen, I’m tired of hearing about this…even from myself sometimes!  We need to learn to embrace the time we have as singles!  Learn to fall in love with Jesus.  Allow Him to be your everything before “my everything” comes along and sweeps you off your feet.  Be satisfied by God before Mr. Wonderful comes and wants to satisfy your every need.  Do you know what would happen if God granted your wish and gave you a husband right now?  He’d probably become and idol, and you know God is not gonna go for that.  God knows what our motives are and why we want to married and what not, and until our motives are purified and right, then He’s not gonna give us anything.  Well, unless maybe you’re a hard headed sista who needs to learn by experience LOL.  You might get your husband…and be miserable in a year or fall prostrate before God in repentance.

But anyway, yes singles ladies, add some new criteria to your list of demands…I mean list of requirements :-).  Start looking for God’s best for you, and not just some dude who you think is gorgeous and appears to be marriage material.  Stop being so desperate to be married and settling for less than what God has planned for you.  Stop selling yourself short!  You are a virtuous woman!  You are a precious jewel!  God thinks that you are amazing!  You are more than whatever life’s circumstances has made you come out to be!  You ARE who God says you are!  Ask God what He thinks about you, and I guarantee He’ll tell you.  And when He tells you, adopt what He says into your life and make that the standard.  Whatever it is that He tells you, it’s ok to actually believe and speak it.  At first I thought it was a little arrogant because I wasn’t used to being so confident.  But heck, if GOD says that I am awesome, then who I am to say that I’m not?!  Yes, world, I AM AWESOME!!  lol, now, of course don’t get the big head about it because then you’ll be arrogant.  But just walk in it.  One thing I’ve learned about confidence is that it’s attractive!  So, be confident in what God says about you.  And if you struggle with this like I did, then make this your prayer (like Kirk Franklin):  allow me to see myself the way You see me.


What are your thoughts on this?

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