You know…maybe someone can help me because I just don’t get it!  Call me shallow, judgemental, frugal,…whatever…I don’t care!  I just can’t wrap my head around how frivolous we can be with our money.  And I say “we” as in Americans, but especially BLACK Americans!   I wrote a blog on Myspace a few years ago called Why Are WE So Materialistic?!  I think I may have posted it on here back when I first started this, but anyway.  I live in an apartment complex.  It’s not the nicest place, but it’s not a dump either.  For the amount of rent I pay, we all could BUY a very decent townhouse/condo in Cobb County–trust me, I’ve been looking for years!  With that being said, WHY do I live in a place where I see Mercedes Trucks, BMW sedans, and Hummers rolling in and out of our gates?!  A Hummer??  Seriously??!!!  Ok…I’m calming down now.  If you’re reading this and saying, “…so?  What’s wrong with that,” then we are definitely not on the same wavelength and I hope you continue reading.

I don’t even want to think about how much a month it would cost to buy a Hummer, but I am VERY confident that it cost more than $600 a month.  So, if you are RENTING an apartment…hold on…let me milk this for a minute.  RENT:  money you pay in exchange to live in a place that is NOT yours.  Every month we pay money that is going to a blackhole.  After  you leave an apartment…that’s it!  There’s no equity, no ownership, no nothing (and that’s good English!)!  All you get is a “‘preciate it” and a receipt!  Your good rental history means nothing.  Rent and car payments are EXPENSES not investments!  You get no returns on rent and car payments.  So, if you can afford to spend $700+ on rent and $600+ on a car every month…DUDE, for the same $1300 you can buy yourself a NICE house!!   Shoot, you buy a new one if you wanted.  I just don’t understand why people do not get the concept of ownership!  “Why aren’t you a homeowner then,” you ask.  Well, because I believe in OWNING a house and not buying a house.  What’s the difference?  When you just “buy” a house, then essentially what you’re doing is getting a mortgage, treating it like rent, and pray that nothing happens for 5 years because you can’t afford to take care of the house.  When you own a house, then you take on the mortgage (that you can afford) with the position that you can afford to take care of things if something goes down.  Yes, there are programs and what not for that, but quite frankly they are just more traps to create more ways to get more money from you.  Don’t waste your money…just be patient and wait until you can afford to own a house.  You know what I think it is though?  I think sometimes people have gotten too comfortable with being lazy.  Yeah!  I mean, why buy a house where you have to cut grass, paint your own walls, clean your own carpet, unclog your own toilet, replace your own lightbulbs & garbage disposals, fix your own W/D, dishwasher, air condition/heating, roof, and water heater when you can rent a place and have someone else do it for you??  Sounds like a sweet deal, but we are being duped!!  We are stumbling over hundreds trying to save dollars. 

WHEW!  That was a mouthful.  But for real, is that too radical?  Are we seriously that materialistic?  Do we care more about looking good while throwing our family’s financial position in the toilet?  Does anyone think about the future these days??


What are your thoughts on this?

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