You know…they say that when you know where you’re going, then it makes life much simpler because you know what to say no to.  It’s like, if you know your lot in life is to be a doctor, then you probably don’t want to take jobs in sales, law, or restaurant management.  Why?  Because those positions will not bring you closer to your goal which is medicine.  When we know what our purpose is, then decision making is a cinch–at least it should be.  Whenever you find out what you’re here for, then every decision you make should be bringing you closer to the goal–not taking you away.

Of course this is easier said then done.  The temptation to chase the almighty dollar is everywhere.  The tempation to say, “well, I can pursue that later,” or, “I have the rest of my life for that,” is always around.  The fact of the matter is we don’t know how much time we have left.  We also don’t know what God has on His schedule.  He might want you to be the one to find a cure for cancer next year, but  you might wreck His plans by pursuing something else.  I have several “assignments” while I’m here, and they are all very exciting and will definitely keep me busy throughout my life.  Although they’re not related at all, there are certain things that I should get invovled in.  For example, if I wanted it, there is another position at my company waiting for me RIGHT NOW.  I mean, the man said he wanted me and there’s currently no other candidates.  It’s in the bag!  It would probably be  a $4k – 6k raise.  That is soo hot, but I would be gone like ALL the time.  Like, seriously, I’d be traveling several times a week.  I need to go back to school so I can get the rest of my life started.  Why would I take that job?  Sure I could take the job now and quit later, but our company doesn’t operate like that.  When you get a serious position here, you’re in for the long haul–or least they plan on you being here.  But of course with me not liking my job and needing more money it sounds sweet.  I mean, yes, I LOVE to travel, but my life doesn’t permit me to be gone although there’s nothing I’d rather do than to be gone all the time!  I think these things are tests.  Tests to see if we’re serious about what has been enstrusted to us.  So, the moral of the story is, stay focused!  Keep your eye on the goal, and don’t get sidetracked by the nice “shinies” that get your attention.


What are your thoughts on this?

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