Big Announcement!

Ok…I’ve been trying to not write about this because I wanted to wait until it’s official.  Now I can talk about it!  I’m going back to school!!  YAAAAAY!!!  Now, I know that some of you who have been following my blogs since the beginning–back in the Myspace era–are like, “YOU are excited about school?”  Yeah, I know how that sounds.  So contradictory!  I’ll get to that later.  Anyway, I have been accepted at Kennesaw State University for fall 2010.  I will be majoring in Communications–the citizen media concentration…or I think that’s what it’s called.  I am sooooooo excited!  The plan is to go full time which is even more exciting because I’ll have to quit this job!!  I think I’m slightly more excited about that then going to school lol.  I’ll have to get some part time gigs to make it happen, and of course I need to be diligent with my business now so I can benefit from it later.

Ok, so what brought all this on?  I don’t know why you even have to ask!  However, I’ll explain for the benefit of the non-regular readers.  I’ve been unhappy and lost at my job for a few years now.  As the calendar progresses I get more and more frustrated.  Last year I got the idea that I needed to make a change as far as careers go.  I mean, true, I can go get another job that is the same position as this one, or maybe even another IT job, but the fact of the matter is that whatever I choose I’ll be bored with it in 6 mos to a year.  Technology is fun to use and have, but I’m learning that I’m not really cut out to work with it.  Especially helping others try to use it.  OH GOD!!  That is the worse part.  When I’m at work I’m totally task oriented, but I need to invoke my people skills as well.  I don’t know, as much as I am people oriented…I can’t really explain why I’m soo task oriented at work.  Anyway, so I’m sure you can imagine how low my tolerance is at work.  My favorite phrase is, “I’m not a baby-sitter!”  I don’t like hand holding.  I want you to listen to me, take notes or something, but I need you to hear me the first time, do what I say, and don’t ask stupid questions or act like you’re smarter than me.  Nazi?  Heck yeah!  Just do what I tell  you to do with no lip.  You called me, remember??  Anyway…..exhibit A!  So, I decided that I needed to break into another career, but what?  I hate accounting, medicine & law is SOO not for me, business may be boring to me, clerical/administration would just get on my nerves, and retail–heck no!  I pretty much don’t really like anything else, and all the things I do like you need like another 20 years of education and experience for (i.e. counseling).  Education is really the only other thing I saw myself doing.  That’s originally what I wanted to do as a kid, but decided against that too.  I wanted to be a teacher, but I didn’t want to take any work home with me.  Teaching doesn’t end when the kids go home, and I wanted a job that ended when I left it.  But I still like the idea, so I started looking for jobs in education, but none of them struck me either.  Eventually I just stopped looking.  I just settled for my 2011 plan for when I’d be financially free anyway.  But still I wasn’t satisfied with being there for 3 more years.  I had been praying, but got no answers.  This continued until this summer.  I made the decision to at least try teaching, and if I didn’t like it, then at least I would know for sure and not just speculate.  So I started looking at what I would need, and of course I would need some additional education.  I didn’t like that of course, but eventually I came to terms with the idea.  So after I officially made the decision to go to school, I started looking various programs.  One day, at work, I was browsing the education programs at State and I got a little bored with the classes.  Just “for fun” I decided to see what other degrees “I could get” if I were interested.  My eyes fell on Communications.  It intrigued me, so I clicked on the link to see what it was all about.  I read the description of the classes, and I was like, “wait a minute…I would SO love to take these classes!  This is everything I need to know for all my future business endeavors!”  And with that I started to  look at other Communications programs at other schools.  I finally ended up at KSU’s site and just fell in love with EVERYTHING.  I fell in love with the degree, the classes, the idea of going back to school, the future, and everything!  I felt as though my prayers had been answered–finally.  Everything just fit.  I mean, apart from the money (which will be provided) I couldn’t find anything wrong with any of this.  I mean, this would even help my business because I’ll have a new circle of people to talk to!  So, for about 3 months I was brimming with excitement and anitcipation because I couldn’t apply right away.  I had to wait until October.  I tell you, that was the quickest acceptance ever!  I applied, and three weeks later I was accepted!  I’m going to school!!!


What are your thoughts on this?

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