Christmas Music

You know…I think I’ve finally figured out why a.) I like the more traditional, older Christmas songs over original music/remakes, and b.) music in general. I LOVE Christmas music! I used to listen to it all year, but then it got a bit anticlimatic. Anyway, I’m sure one could understand this even without me (a lover of music period and musician) going into it.

Traditionally Christmas music has been very musical and/or very jazzy–and yall know I love jazz! Just think of the first few bars of The Christmas Song. Before Nat even clears his throat, the strings start up, and then there’s that little guitar part…I LOVE IT!! Or what about the instrumental to Christmas Time Is Here (Peanut’s version). Dude has that piano SWINGIN! Anyway, I just love the music of Christmas. When people start making up their own Christmas songs or redoing them, oftentimes they start loosing part of the essence of what I believe Christmas music is–the MUSIC! To me it starts sounding like “everyday” music, you know what I mean? Christmas music should have strings, horns, bells, guitars, acoutic bass……… should have INSTRUMENTS! I don’t like my Christmas music with a lot of 808, synths, and voiceboxes!! I shouldn’t be boomin down the street singing about snow lol. It just don’t feel like Christmas–and that’s good English! Now, unless the song or arrangement is just HOT, and the message actually sounds like it is Christmas (like Mary Mary’s song…forget the name…and “Go Tell It” sung by Sheri on Jakes’ Follow the Star CD), I probably won’t like it. And I’m sorry you guys, but a lot of these songs out here have nothing to do with Christmas! Just because you mention Santa, snow, trees, and Christmas one time doesn’t make it a Christmas song!! “All I want for Christmas is you….” What the heck does me wanting you have to do with Christmas?? LOL, I’m serious. I like lyrics, so those songs get on my nerves–even some of the gospel ones……especially the gospel ones lol. I heard this song by this choir, and man, I tell you they had EVERY holiday in there! First Jesus was born, then he grew up and he was a healer, then he died LOL. I was like WHAT?? How did we go from Christmas to Easter?! Boy I tell ya……Christians (specifically the Black ones lol) are hilarious.

Anyway, of course this is all my opinion. What do you guys like/dislike about Christmas music?


What are your thoughts on this?

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