Mixed Up

My life is crazy, so lively I cannot keep up
Anticipating, discerning I feel so mixed up
Sometimes I’m jacked up
Sometimes I’m geeked up
Sometimes I don’t know what to feel so I just keep my head up

So many questions in my mind I cannot focus in
Asking how and why I don’t know where or when
Who should I talk to
I don’t know what to do
The things I want in life don’t know if they’ll come through

Will I succeed
Will I get the ring
Will the fam confess and start to believe in He
The One who matters most
In Him I live and boast
The Name, His fame proclaimed from yonder coast to coast

I feel so mixed up
So glad I’m yolked up
That’s why I keep believing and why I send my praises up
No matter what the fuss
Already knows what’s up
He hears me, calms me down so I don’t have to rush

So the moral of the story here is very clear
His want for us is simple:  He wants us near and dear
Whether ’bout your friends, your life, your work, your love, your rent
Take those mixed up feelings and go running straight to Him

He’ll take the strife, the stress, the mess; never confused again
The things that hem you up in your mind won’t go again
Just fall in love with Him
His presence enter in
When you’re with Him just know that you are gonna win


What are your thoughts on this?

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