…and not chicken lol.  I’ve just been going back and reading all my old posts while I can actually do it (without having hundreds to go through).  For some of you new readers who haven’t been exposed to some of the old joints, here’s a few key points (nuggets) from some of them.  Enjoy!

I think we spend too much time longing for the next big thing instead of enjoying where we are now.  Do you agree?  We need to just slow down and take in God’s goodness.  Thank Him for the now.

Why do we waste so much time avoiding God??  I think that maybe sometimes we are afraid that we actually might get close to Him.  And in doing that, maybe…just maybe we will be changed and won’t fit in anymore.

Just because a “brother” or “sister” does something doesn’t mean that we have to BLINDLY support it.  Especially those of us who call ourselves Christians!!  See, we keep watching this crap in the name of supporting our people, but we don’t even realize what it’s doing to our spirits.  And we wonder why we have so much drama and trouble in our life!  We let the devil in!  I mean, dude didn’t even have to knock.  We just opened the door, told him to have a seat, and made him comfortable in our home.  That’s exactly why we watch filth like that is because we submerge ourselves with it so much that we are comfortable with it, so we don’t see what the big deal is.  That is so dangerous!  That part of our heart is so calloused we don’t even feel God tugging at it anymore.  We need to stop winking at sin and DEAL with it!  No more letting Satan in.  It’s time for us to BE more like Jesus than just saying that we are like Him.

I don’t feel that it’s right to be a member of a church, get the benefits of being a member, but not contribute to the body. It’s kinda like having welfare mentality.


…you know what I love about God? In the midst of all the mess in our lives, He STILL takes the time to show us glimpses of how much He loves us, how hard He’s STILL pursuing us, and how He’s not gonna give up on us. That’s been one of my favorite lines of praise when I’m praying: Thank You for pursuing me, God, and not giving up on me!

It’s almost like Black people have this sign on our foreheads that say “I’m Black, and you can’t talk about me or you’ll get in trouble.” I think that we are always LOOKING for someone to say something/do something just so we can have the right to be upset. Better yet, I think we’re always looking for something just so we can have the right to say, “See, I told you so,” and go back to our 40 year old mentality. Secretly I think people do not want to admit exactly how far we’ve come because then they would have to admit and accept that other people might actually be cool.

If you’re looking for God you’ll find Him. If you’re looking for a spouse you’ll find him/her. If you’re looking for trouble you’ll find it. If you’re looking for negative you’ll find it. You can find WHATEVER you’re looking for!

God is the author of the five love languages, and He wants everything you want.

Peer pressure without a strong sense of self and deep root convictions will have you going against the very core of your beliefs.

Allow Him to be your everything before “my everything” comes along and sweeps you off your feet.  Be satisfied by God before Mr. Wonderful comes and wants to satisfy your every need.

Start looking for God’s best for you, and not just some dude who you think is gorgeous and appears to be marriage material.  Stop being so desperate to be married and settling for less than what God has planned for you.  Stop selling yourself short!

Unless you have a plan of action to perpetuate change, then sitting around injecting these toxic, slanderous comments about people DO NOT help and WILL NOT change anything!

Not liking someone has nothing to do with race.

You can choose not to let your situation change you, but fight to change your situation!

It’s been said that you are where you are in life because of the books you read, who you hang around, and what you do in your spare time.

Everything in life is a choice.  Don’t make excuses for the choices YOU made because you made them.  Don’t ask for pity for the choices you made.  You are where you are because mostly you want to be because you made the choices to get there…for the most part.  You have the right to choose what direction your life goes in, so choose to be you and not what society or anyone else thinks you should be.

When we know what our purpose is, then decision making is a cinch–at least it should be.

Have you ever heard that saying that says something to the effect of if you’re a leader you can look behind you and see people following you, but if you’re not then you’re just taking a long walk?  How about the one that says if you have to tell someone that you are then leader then you’re not?  Leaders have certain qualities that preceed them.


What are your thoughts on this?

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