Catching Flack

People sure have a great way of letting you know you are not where you’re supposed to be!  Of course, most times they don’t even realize it–actually, I don’t think they ever do.  It’s just something that  you know inside and everyone keeps confirming it.

By now everyone should know that I will be going back to school–full time–this fall.  If you haven’t figured it out yet that also means I’m quitting my job!  Now, true, I recognized the fact that I have been in this position (this industry really) too long way before I decided to go back to school.  I thought everything would be ok after that.  You know, I recognized that this is not where God needs me to be, I responded, and I’m making changes!  So…what else needs to be done?  I don’t know, but all this week it’s been constant reminder and reminder that I do not need to be here anymore.  Earlier in the week we were talking about our benefits and we were trying to figure out if I get more vacation time now or next year.  I’ve been here about 4.5 years, but were trying to figure out if I could get it now since this is my fifth calendar year.  Anyway, this girl was like, “you’ve been here for 5 years?!  WOW!!  That’s a really long time!  That is so impressive!  I didn’t know people stayed on jobs that long anymore.”  Yeah…thanks!  I know!  lol, and then everyday on the phone I’d talk to someone who’s been calling at least since I first got started.  It was the same story with all of them:  you’re still there?  You’re still answering the phones?  You should be in management by now.  So-in-so is the team leader now?  Didn’t he get here after you?  I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!  I’m glad everyone recognizes that it appears that my “career” is stagnant.  I don’t really care seeing as how I’m going to school to get a new career, but I wonder why this happened all at the same time.  Does it mean something?  Am I supposed to leave sooner than I planned??  Definitely need to pray about this one!  Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Catching Flack

  1. ACW says:

    I’d take it as confirmation that you have planned well by taking steps to go back to school this year. When you look before you leap, there are going to be instances or comments like you’ve outlined above. You’re right on track! 🙂

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