Whatever happened…

Whatever happened to good music?  You know…songs with good lyrics and instruments?  And whatever happened to artists that truly pour their heart and soul into their craft and not just out to make a quick buck?  Who are going to be the heroes when our kids look back over their lives?  In my opinion, there is no one (right now) who is as great or greater than the heroes of our parents day.  Where are the ones like Ray Charles that produce hit after hit after hit and just takes the world by storm?  MJ is gone now, so who’s going to take his place??

Whatever happened to parents that actually raise their kids?  Whatever happened to parents that beat the “hell” out of their kids and did not try to be their friend?  Whatever happened to the parents who held the respect of their kids without bribery?  Whatever happened to the parents who were not afraid to light your backside up in public if the child decided to act crazy?  Whatever happened to the parents who look like parents and not one of their kids BFFs?  And what the heck is “irreconcilable differences??”

Whatever happened to discretion?  Is anything sacred anymore??  Did innocence really die with Mr. Rogers?  Whatever happened to days when profanity on TV was looked at with the side eye?  Did you know that every word except the “f” & “s” words are ok on REGULAR TV now??  “WTF, mate!!” <–it’s coming soon!  😦

Whatever happened to the days when the church was a respected monument in the community?  Whatever happened to the days when the church as whole DID something in America?  Have we really just dwindled down to just a beautiful building that holds beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes driving beautiful cars that go to beautiful houses once or twice a week?  Have we gotten too “bourgeois” to help anyone else, or do we just not want to mess up our nice building with so-called “riff raff?”

Whatever happened to women who behaved like women, and not little girls throwing tantrums?  Whatever happened to women that men want to date?  You know, women who are respectful, kind, don’t nag, and aren’t trying to wear the pants in the relationship!  Whatever happened to women who know how to boil a basic pot of rice??

Whatever happened to MEN?  There’s a lot of 30+ year boys out there.  Whatever happened to men who took responsibility for their actions and didn’t blame everyone else?  Whatever happened to men who would do ANYTHING (legal…or maybe not!) to provide for their families even if it meant being away from them–working, not abandoning them!  Speaking of which, whatever happened to men would do the aforementioned to provide for his family’s BASIC needs–NOT the boat payment!  Whatever happened to men that had kids and took care of them–ALL of them!

Whatever happened to kids who were kids?  Whatever happened to 12 year girls who still play with dolls and not Johnny down the block…in his room when his parents aren’t home?  Whatever happened to boys who woke up at the crack of dawn because they couldn’t wait to get outside to ride bikes, climb trees, build forts, etc. and didn’t come inside until time for dinner?  What’s up with all these kids who know every word to every song AND the dances but can hardly read and can’t talk right?  <–that was intentional.  Do kids even watch cartoons anymore??

Whatever happened to neighbors that know each other and have each other’s backs?  Whatever happened to block parties and other neighborhood gatherings?  What’s going on with our communities?  Whatever happened to the people who would watch the kids as they walked from the bus stop whether we knew it or not?  Have we really resorted to “what’s yours is yours, and what’s mine is mine?”  Is the golden rule just a saying now and not a truth that we live by??

I could go on and on.  The fact of the matter is we are soo far gone, and quite frankly it’s not getting any better.  This is truly a sign of the end being closer than we think!!  Please get ready.

And for all you sensitive wimps who think I was talking about YOU, please know the views expressed in this blog are not reflective of everyone I know!  These are just generalizations of the state that we find ourselves in right now.  Open your eyes and see what’s going on!

2 thoughts on “Whatever happened…

  1. ACW says:

    I highly recommend looking into sociologist George Ritzer’s “McDonaldization Theory”. Short and sweet version: industrialization led to society striving to make every process as streamlined and efficient as possible. The effects include diminished quality of goods, diminished quality of life, and dehumanization. The more you read about his theory, the more you see how McDonaldization (the idea that quick > quality) has spread to every aspect of our lives, in one form or another. This ‘efficiency’ causes anomie because technology, trends, and mindsets change so quickly that we have trouble keeping up.
    I understand your concern –we all should be concerned– but also recognize that in my short lifetime, I’ve only seen the pendulum swing one direction. I have faith that with concentrated and cooperative effort, we can change things for the better.

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