Random Thoughts

I don’t necessarily have much to say today, but I feel like writing so let’s see what happens!  I had an idea for a really awesome post on Friday, but I didn’t do it 😦  Now I feel bad because I don’t even remember what I was thinking about!  I was totally exhausted on Friday.  I went to bed at 3:00 that morning, and got up at 6:00 of course.  I was chugging XS Energy Shots all day, and they made me functional, however (and I apologize to all my XS fanatics) there is no substitute for good ol fashioned SLEEP!  I was mad though.  I had made plans a couple days before to go out.  Now, let me expand on this idea a minute so you can understand.  It is a known fact that I will NOT make it to bed before midnight on Thursday night.  That’s a given.  Either way, on Fridays I’m always dragging because I didn’t get enough sleep.  However, Friday is MY day that I like to do whatever I want.  Sometimes I want to be out hangin with folks, but a lot of times I just want to lock myself in and don’t want to come out.  I tend to be a loner anyway, but if I spend a lot of time running around throughout the week, then you almost can’t pay me to leave the house on Friday night.  Anyway, so  I made plans to go out on Friday, but as I mentioned didn’t get much sleep.  But I didn’t cancel my plans because I really wanted go out.  I took 4 XS shots to work with me to see what they would do.  I drank 3 of them throughout the day, and like I said I was functional but never totally awake.  I held out until the last last last minute before I regretfully canceled.  However, I still don’t have food at home, so I needed to go grab something anyway.  So I decided to order my new laptop & iPod touch on BestBuy.com and go pick it up in the store when I went to eat.  By the way, that was a shameless plug for how cool my business is LOL.  Anyway, I bought my toys, dragged myself out of the house, and picked them up (and my food)  in one hour and ten minutes.  Essentially I just spent the last 390 words explaining to you why I did not write on Friday and how I got distracted LOL.  I spent the night in the bed setting up my laptop.  Maybe it will magically come to me later.

You know, I’ve always wanted to be lyrical.  I’ve always admired and marveled at people who wrote poetry and songs.  I figure as a writer I should be able to write ANYTHING!  Apparently it doesn’t work like that lol.  Anyway, so I’ve made some ground as far as poetry goes.  God unlocked something in my brain, and now I am able to sit down and write something.  Sometimes I even hear phrases in my head and I can construct a whole piece from it.  I’m still in kindergarten though lol.  Anyway, I would really love to write songs.  I think that would be so much fun!  I don’t necessarily want to sell them or have anyone sing them, but writing them would be soo much fun for me.  I posted on Facebook last night that the Christian music industry needs more jazz singers–and not just artists who have the potential to sound jazzy and occassionally do a jazz remix on popular songs.  No, we need jazz ARTISTS!  People who think jazz, breath jazz, and ARE jazz.  You know what I mean?  Jazz is different from everything else.  It’s more than just the music too; any musician could play jazz.  The vocal dynamics are different, but most importantly the lyrics are different too.  Jazz lyrics seem to be deep and abstract to me sometimes, and I love it.  Could you imagine a jazz Christian song?  I think it would be amazing!  I mean, think of all the metaphors and similes you could create about Jesus and His love for us!  I am going to attempt to write something (a jazz song).  It’s going to be fun, but oh so hard!


What are your thoughts on this?

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