What the HECK is “talking white??”

Before I start, I just want to say that although this is directed at Black people,  I would LOVE some feedback from some non-Black people!

Ok…so, you all know by now that my brain is constantly going 1000 miles an hour and I could be thinking ANYTHING at any given moment.  I say that to say don’t be surprised by my random thoughts!  Anyway, so I was sitting at a red light and had one of those, “heeeey…wait a minute” moments.  I was thinking about how a lot of Black people would say that me and most of my Black friends “talk white.”  Now, we all know what means.  It means that because we use PROPER English and great diction we sound like White people.  I’ve always thought that was a load of crock, but this was the first time I had actually thought about why that is one of the most bazaar statements EVER!

Before I get on my soap box, let me just ask a question because I just thought of something.  Is there anyone out there who is Black and grew up in an area where there isn’t a distinct accent like Ohio and some parts of Cali?  I pretty much grew up in Georgia, so I heard that a lot.  However, I would be interested to know if that only happens in the south.  OK!  Moving on.  So, my point is that to say that one “talks white” is to say that all White people speak the same.  Am I right?  I mean, is there like a profile of what constitutes a White person that has an item that says “speaks proper English?”  If not, then why is there an unspoken profile for Black people that has an item that says “speaks improper English?”  If there is a profile for White people, then that means that all White people are not “white.”  That means my girl Paula Dean ain’t “white” yall!  That means that any White person with a southern drawl that says stuff like ain’t, yall, etc. (no offense…really!) is not “white!”  OH!  How about this one!  Why we only say that about Black people?  Huh??  Did you know that there are other races of people in the US besides Black and White?  OMG!  There are Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and all kinds of people in this country who speak just as well and better than I do, but no one ever says that they “talk white.”  There’s a double standard out there folks, and if you haven’t noticed, I don’t take too kindly to those.  I love consistency!!  So, call me a sellout, take away my “Black Card,” or say whatever you wish!  I don’t particularly care!  All I ask is that we start to think about all this foolishness we go around saying soo flippantly.  What does it all mean at the end of the day?  Not a hill of beans!!  It’s funny how we go around saying that we are ALL God’s children (well, actually…that’s not true either…we are all God’s creation, but not everyone is a CHILD of God……but that’s another post :-)), but we do crap like this to separate ourselves from everyone and cause division in our communities.  WAKE UP!!


What are your thoughts on this?

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