“Church Folk”

Church folk.

You get on my nerves!  With your lofty glances and self-righteous attitudes.  I get SOO tired of people coming to me with situations that aren’t necessarily bad, but because YOU think it is, they feel condemned and haven’t even said anything to you yet!  There are people in the church who are hurting and in dire of a miracle but are afraid to death to ask for help because YOU are going to make a spectacle of it.

Church folk!

You’re soo quick to judge and rarely take the time to actually listen.  Everything is always soo black and white with you.  Either you’re saved or you’re not.  You’re living right or you’re not.  True, there’s no such thing as straddling the fence, but whatever happened to grace?  Whatever happened to loving people through the process?  Do you really expect people who get saved to just automatically know what’s up and live right from the jump??  Where’s the patience?

Church folk.

You make my life and people like me miserable.  Because I am a Christian, I’m automatically associated with you, but I am not like you!  Just like Casting Crowns says, if we are the body, why aren’t His arms reaching?  Why aren’t His hands healing?  Why aren’t His words teaching?  Why aren’t His feet going?  Why is His love not showing them there is a way??  The “I got mine, so you need to get yours” attitude has crept into the church.  That is the saddest, most “oxymoronic” thing that could happen in the church.  People are supposed to be able to come to the church to GET healing.  Even some of our own need help.  But no.  In the process of attempting to be healed, you wound them even more because they don’t have it together yet.  We have well-intentioned CHRISTIANS leaving churches because they didn’t feel loved and did not get the care they need during their own time of need.  COME ON NOW, CHURCH FOLK!!

Now, of course, I’m not saying that we need to tolerate sin (or even the appearance of it).  I haven’t gone rouge.  Sin is sin, and it does not need to abide within the body of Christ.  However, what I AM saying is that we call ourselves correcting people, but we don’t do it with love!  And then there are the people who aren’t even in sinful situations, but because we THINK that is LOOKS bad we treat them like they have sinned, and they are wounded by that.  We have people who really really REALLY need someone to talk to, but because church folk love to run their mouths, they find it hard to trust and even meet new people!  It’s beyond me why cliques even exist in the church.  We need to get back to love and treating people how we want to be treated.  Loving people through their hurt, pain, struggles…just love them!    LISTEN to them before casting judgment.  Heck…we shouldn’t be judging ANYONE!  Everyone has junk going on in their own lives, and no one has room to talk.  It’s BEEN time for church folk to start acting like the Christ we say we follow.  So, close your mouth, listen up, pray, and LOVE!


What are your thoughts on this?

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