What Keeps Me Up at Night

The subtitle for this one was “your personal boogieman.” I thought it was funny. As a child I never got into those “childish” fears of the boogieman, the dark, etc. But anyway, I don’t have a boogieman, but something does keep me up at night! Well, it doesn’t really keep me up, but it causes me not to be able to fall asleep. What is it? My own freakin thoughts man!!! Talkin’ ’bout frustration?! What do I think about? EVERYTHING! I think about ALL of you (or as they say in the south, every single last one of you lol). I think about my family that I don’t communicate with often enough. I think about what I did that day, what I’m doing tomorrow, what I’m doing the next day…and the next day! I think about what I SHOULD be doing in my life. I think about what I want my life to look like. I think about being lonely. I think about what I’m frustrated about. I think about the little things in life that make me happy. I think about what other people think about me. I even think about what I think about. Heck, I even think about going to sleep!! AHHH!!! The synapses are ROLLING at a million miles a second and I can’t stop them! Valerian & Hops is a WONDERFUL supplement that I do NOT leave home without. It calms you down just a taste, and when you get to sleep it helps to give you more quality REM sleep which is really what you want. But, I don’t want to have to take it EVERY night! I mean, can’t I fall asleep quickly on my own sometimes? Some of you have given me some very good suggestions, but most of them don’t work for me. Although I get sleepy while reading, it doesn’t make me sleepy enough to go to sleep. I’ll get sleepy enough to put the book down, but once I’m not reading anymore I’m better. I’ve never tried the warm milk thing–because I never have any milk lol–but that probably wouldn’t work either. Putting myself in a “carb coma” may work occasionally, but ummmm………yeah, that’s not a route I should go–although I’d love it! I can’t fall asleep to a TV, and music will wake me up again once I’m sleep. HOWEVER, if the music has no lyrics, is something that’s slow and soft, and is at a level that’s almost inaudible, then THAT will eventually send me to sleep and keep me asleep for a few hours!!! I was soo excited to find that out! So, I’ve been turning on our local jazz station 91.9 before I go to sleep. I don’t get to sleep as fast as I want, but I go faster than I have been. The only thing about that station is that around 3:00 or 4:00 they start playing gospel music. Seeing as how, a.) those songs have lyrics, and b.) the temp sometimes is upbeat, my body starts to wake up!! I think my ears are so tuned to music that I start to subconsciously listen to the words therefore waking the brain up. If I notice it in time, I can quickly turn the radio off without opening my eyes and getting totally awake and go back to sleep quickly. But sometimes I don’t notice what’s going on in time and am totally “awake” (well, my brain is–body isn’t ready yet!) before I realize it. Then I have to fight to go back to sleep. Man…no wonder I have trouble waking up at 6:00! I’m probably interrupting a sleep cycle. My next experiment is to make my own CD. That way, I don’t have the announcer (he wakes me up sometimes too) talking and the people singing after a few hours. Actually, I kinda “piloted” this last night. I have a CD that has a lot of mellow songs on it, and I had that on repeat all night. But, there’s a few tracks on there that aren’t necessarily loud, but they are a little more upbeat than I’d like. So I’ll make my own with the type of songs I need and see what happens. You know what would REALLY work? If I had a CD alarm clock radio that has a sleep time of about 3 hours. That way once I’m good and sleep the music can turn itself off and hopefully I’ll wake up when I’m ready. If anyone know of something like that let me know. I hope it works!!

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