Sure-Fire Ways to Make Me Roll My Eyes

What makes my eyes roll?? Ha! Do you REALLY wanna know? This is a question I could fill a book with! Here’s a SHORT list of what makes me roll my eyes 😉

1. Parents who try to reason with their kids over and over again when they are acting out in public. Once…ok…two or more times…snatch ’em up!! The “laying on of hands” never killed anyone.

2. My customers who call and demand that I replace their product but they can neither tell me what was done to troubleshoot, nor provide me an address to ship it to!!

3. People who clearly defy the “rules” of rush hour traffic by CONSISTENTLY driving under the speed limit!!

4. People who CLEARLY do not have it going on (i.e. can’t dress, can’t talk, ego out of wack, etc.), and EVERYONE thinks so…except that person.

5. People who praise God and curse in the SAME sentence!

6. People who talk ENTIRELY too much…and don’t talk about anything at all!!

7. My leasing office who constantly tries to make me pay late fees on my rent. I am enrolled in the autopayments…that means I pay the same day every month!! How the heck could I possibly be late?? Your system’s malfunctions do not have anything to do with me!!

8. About my leasing office…they almost never finish what they start. They started fixing the pool…still not done. They started fixing the gates…still not operational. They tore up the street fixing something with a water main…well, that’s fixed now, but it took them all of EIGHT months to do!

9. Everything (and more) listed in one of my previous blog posts about my customers (

10. My eyes start to heavily roll when my mom starts talking about me getting married LOL.

11. Teens talking about their relationships and how they’re soo in love LOL. That’s a good eye roll though.

12. People who think that I’m better than them because I speak correctly.

12a. The ones who think they can’t speak correctly because they are soo heavily influenced by the culture.

12b. The ones who are soo heavily influenced by the culture and think that all they have is all there is and therefore don’t try to do better and don’t think they can!

13. Thinking of something that I can’t believe I said/did (in a good way), or something someone else said/did that I can’t believe. This is also a good eye roll…usually followed by blushing lol.

14. Stupid text messages, or the improper use of texting. Eye rolling is usually followed by one of the following verbal replies, “Why would you send a message like this,” or, “[heaving sighing followed by SMH],” or, “I’m not even gonna reply to this,” or a phone call!

15. Coworkers who consistently do not follow the process or care to know what it is.

What makes YOUR eyes roll??

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