Celebrating 10 Years!

This weekend the Davidson Fine Arts School’s class of 2000 celebrated our 10th year of graduating high school!  WOO HOO!!  I know, I know…some of you out there are like only 10 years??  I’m a “youngin” aight?!  🙂  Anyway, it was a whole weekend of events–although, I only went to the main event.  Friday night there was meeting and greeting with cocktails.  Then Saturday we went on a ride down the Augusta Canal followed by a tour of Enterprise Mill.  After that we went to see one of our classmates who was in a terrible accident some years back.  Then there was the fancy shindig 🙂  We all dressed up and went to The Partridge Inn:  Augusta’s swanky hotel.

My only experience with a class reunion is what I’ve seen on TV.  You always see all the classmates in some banquet hall with their spouses/significant others.  Because of that, I was very shocked and elated to see some of our favorite teachers and principal!  I don’t know why I didn’t expect to see them, but I’m glad they came–especially our principal.  It was soo nice to sit with her and talk on a non-educational, authoritative setting.  She retired the year we graduated, and she ran a TIGHT ship!  She had our school under lock and key as it relates to our dress code, timeliness, manners, and work ethic.  Because of her and also the environment she created, our school has been the number one school in the state many times.  Throughout my seven years there we were number one consecutively!  The times we weren’t number one we were within the top three.  It’s great to know that even while she’s no longer at DFA we’re still operating in excellence and leading the state.  Anyway, so we talked about what she’s doing in her retirement, some of her fondest (and least fondest) memories of her career, what we’re all doing with our lives, and just whatever else came to mind.  It was great.  A lot of people didn’t care for her because she was soo strict, but if you’re a person  who understands authority and that boundaries & consequences are in place for a reason, then you would appreciate someone like her.

The best part, of course, was seeing my classmates!  However, I wish that more of us would have attended.  We only had 80 people in our class, and if I had to guess, I’d say that only about 15-20 of us showed up.  So, including our teachers and significant others, there were probably 35-40 people there.  Anyway, it was great to meet everyone’s spouse and significant other, learning about people’s kids, who’s still in Augusta, where people live, and what not.  Of course all of our memorabilia was there (i.e. senior yearbook, pictures, etc.).  I had totally forgotten about our “last will & testament” that we left.  I’m typically a pack rat, and I’m extremely surprised that I can’t find mine!  I’ll have to look harder because I don’t throw stuff like that away.  Anyway, I totally forgot about that and especially didn’t remember what I wrote.  I was cracking up!  But anyway, we had a great time, and I hope that we’re able to put another together for 20 years.  Now THAT’S the one you wanna go to because people have probably REALLY changed by then!

One of my classmates (who was not in attendance) said a few weeks ago that class reunions won’t be as interesting anymore because of social networking.  Sadly, I had to agree.  A very large percentage of my class is on Facebook.  So, at any given time I can go to their page (if they keep it updated) and see what they’re up to.  That is VERY cool, but like she said, it kinda takes the element of surprise and anticipation out of the reunion.  However, I’m glad to say that I still had a great time!  Although every single person in that room is on FB, and I’m friends with all but like 3 of them, we were still able to catch up and talk like we hadn’t seen each other.  See, the reality is it doesn’t matter how many social networking sites you’re connected on….nothing beats face to face interaction!  Besides, unless you actively go to everyone’s page frequently, there’s really no way that you can  stay on top of what everyone is doing by social networking alone.  I am an avid FB user, and although you can pretty much figure out what’s going on with me by going to my page, you still don’t know what I’m up to.  My best friend’s in life connect me on FB, but all the real, meaningful interaction takes place face to face.  So, my advice to anyone who is thinking about NOT going to their reunion because you think it would be pointless because you think you know what’s going on with everyone because of social networking, then stop grappling with it and just go.  You’ll be glad you did!


What are your thoughts on this?

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