How I Feel About Swear Words, Goshdarnit


My business mentor said that when you hear someone swearing, that’s the sound of a fool drawing attention to himself…or something like that. When he heard that for the first time, that was the last day he ever uttered that kind of word. There may be some truth to that statement because you can tell that some people are swearing on purpose for the attention. You ever notice how when you’re in a public place, there’s always some loud mouth person on the phone or maybe talking to the person that they’re with, and every time they say a curse word they get loud? What does everyone else do? Turn and look at them. They want everyone around them to feel their frustration, rage, excitement, or whatever. Personally, I feel that cursing shows a lack of creativity–although some people use those words in very creative ways! But for real, there are soo many different ways to express yourself without offending everyone else in the process. Some people sound completely ignorant to me when they swear. However, those same people would sound completely intelligent if they were to choose other words to get their point across! Intelligence draws way more attention than ignorance does. Just think…that same loud mouth person in the store…what if they used a large, “$50 word” instead? Everyone’s eyebrows would be raised in shock, but in a good way. Wouldn’t you rather be noticed for saying something smart? So, I’d like to issue a challenge this week–too bad this wasn’t Plinky’s topic yesterday. Anyway, here’s what I want you to do. Today, I want you to think about all the ways that you use swear words and find other adjectives that can be used in the same way. Write them down! Then, tomorrow through Sunday, I challenge you to USE THEM in lieu of whatever you would normally say. Finally, if you remember, reply to this post with what you said so we can all add some new words to our vocabulary. Let’s start a new trend! Let’s make ENGLISH cool!!

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3 thoughts on “How I Feel About Swear Words, Goshdarnit

  1. Jessica Brown says:

    Here…a few examples to get you started:

    Instead of using the “s” word or crap use: poppycock, nonsense
    Synonyms: babble, balderdash, baloney, bunk, drivel, empty talk, foolery, foolishness, gibberish, hogwash, hooey, hot air, jive, malarkey, mumbo jumbo, palaver, prattle, rubbish, silliness, trash*

    Instead of saying someone is an @$$h*!e, say: jerk, bumbling person, brute, fool, idiot, nincompoop, ninny, oaf, rascal, blockhead, dolt, donkey, dope, dunce, imbecile, nitwit, numbskull, simpleton*, twit

  2. Jessica Brown says:

    P.S. If you’re like me and don’t use swear words, but you use euphemisms like dangit, darnit, fudge, and even crap (my fav!), I encourage you to do this too. Euphemisms are just substitutions, and you might as well be saying the word so that’s not good either.

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