Taking Notes

Anyone out there an avid note taker like me??  Does anyone ever attend a class, seminar, or even church for a short amount of time, but yet you come out with pages and pages of notes?  Maybe you read a few pages but end up with like 10 pages of notes.  That would describe me very well!!  Some people like to highlight the important points, and that’s all they need.  I’ve always wished that I could be that person.  Maybe it’s the way I learn, but I MUST write stuff down.  However, I think there’s an underside to it when I read, though.  Being a semi-control freak, I think it’s not that I am actually capturing the highlights.  I think that I’m subconsciously rewriting the book the way I think it should be written lol.  Most textbooks that I’ve had have all used big, flowery words that I don’t care to know what the mean.  Or, they’ll use such flowery phrasing that I need to write the sentence down in a way that makes sense to ME.  I mean, how can I learn something if I don’t understand what’s being presented?  I think that’s why it takes me forever to read just one chapter of a text book because I spend soo much time rewriting everything.

I finally found the “perfect” textbook!  As I mentioned before, I’m usually not one to highlight because I’d probably end up highlighting the whole book the way some people write. However, I bought my books last week, and I actually started to read one of them (the writing one–of course!).  I was shocked at how clear and concise the wording was which is what they teach in the book.  It was very easy for me to point out what’s important and what’s not.  Most of my other books has the important stuff hidden inside the not so important stuff.  Anyway, I didn’t want to take notes just yet, so I actually got a highlighter and started marking what I wanted to write down later.  To my surprise, today as I started writing down the highlights, I started to realize that the book was written soo well that I felt very comfortable just jotting down a few words about a subject!  [gasp!]  That is SOO not typical for me!!  I’m usually soo afraid I’m not gonna know what I was talking about (and that it would be just as hard to search the chapter and find what I was talkin about) that I feel the need to write out the whole sentence.  However, as I was writing, I found myself saying, “Well, if the book says x, and then the next few sentences are describing x, then why do I need to write them out?  Just write down x with a general definition, and if you still need clarity then go back to the book!”  I must say that made me very nervous!  The highlights in my books (when I do it) have never been a supplement to my notes!  I always take detailed notes so I won’t need the book when I go back to study. But this time, I would feel very comfortable using my notes to study, but having the book handy in case I need a bit more detail.  This book is almost a little too concise though.  Of course, I’m only two chapters in so maybe I’m speaking too quickly.  Nonetheless, so far this book is pretty much like, “This is x…you use x when…don’t use x this way…here’s an example of x.”  What I’m used to is, “This is x…x started back in 1796…Christopher Columbus discovered x…they used x as a means to get to y…y started in 1799…here’s an example of x.”  You see the difference and why I get soo muddled when I’m taking notes??  I’m loving this book, but I guess I’m soo used to too much detail I’m like, “Ok…x is cool, but what if I want to use x this way?  What if x and y don’t go together?”  But, the fact of the matter is this is what it is and how you use it…there are no questions lol.

Ok, so I know this was a pretty nerdy post and probably no one will read it, and the ones that do won’t feel me LOL.  However, I just wanted to share my excitement for finally having a textbook that I don’t mind using as supplemental material.  This is one that I’m definitely not selling back!



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