Music Mondays #4: Love Is You by Chrisette Michele

Love Is You
by Chrisette Michele

verse 1
What’s your definition of it
How’s it make you feel
Tell me what you say that truly makes it real

Kings and queens, philosophers have tried so hard to find
Tell me what it means to you, dear

chorus 1
Love is kind when the world is cold
Love stays strong when the fight gets old
Love is a shoulder to lean on
Love is you

Love’s like the water when the well runs dry
Quench my thirst, keep me alive
Just need one sip, baby
Love is you

Love is you (4x)

verse 2
Is it possible there is a kiss that’s so divine
Or am I just a fool
Is it all in my mind

Is there something chemical, a scientist might say
Well love must be a drug to make me feel this way

chorus 2
‘Cuz loves my permission to be who I am
No inhibitions ‘cuz you understand
Freedom to breathe, oh baby
Love is you

Love’s like a kiss when the sun goes down
Holds me tight when no one’s around
Love is what wanna hold on to
Love is you

Love is you (8x)

Love is kind it makes me stronger
I don’t have to look no longer
You’re the one I cling to
Love is you

When the chips are down
Love will stick around, oh
I’m so glad I found
Love is you

verse 3
As much as I’ve tried to clarify
Love’s quite simple
He’s just my guy
A perfect definition
Love is you

Love is you (4x)

I love this song!  I know I probably surprised most of you with this since it’s “non-gospel,” but I never said that it’s the only thing I listen to; it’s just what I listen to the most.  Anyway, so for the past year or so, I’ve been on a quest to find good, clean, modern, unsubtle love songs sung by singers who can SANG.  You know, songs that talk about love itself; not what I’m going to do to you when you get home, what it’s gonna feel like, and what you’re gonna think of me when we’re done.  That’s none of my business!  Just gimme the plain ‘ol unadulterated love song.  First of all, those kinds of songs to me are just examples of beautiful writing.  I mean, look at this song.  Aren’t the lyrics beautiful?! On the flip side, I think I like these types of songs for another reason that’s probably a little more subconscious.  I’m single right now, and honestly there is no one on the radar.  So, the only man that I love right now is Jesus–and my daddy :-).  I know that probably sounds corny, but it’s the truth.  And, if you think it sounds corny, then perhaps your relationship with Him isn’t deep enough!  Anyway, so songs like this that talk about love in a pure way make me automatically think about Jesus.  The first time I heard this song, I said, “WOW!  This would make a really awesome gospel song!”  Think about it.  Just replace all the “babies” with Jesus, tweak a sentence or two, and BAM you’ve got yourself an incredible love song for Jesus!  I’m actually working on my own version right now.  When I’m done with it, I think I’ll do another video and make that the Music Mondays post for whenever.  Maybe I’ll get YOU to do your own versions, and everyone can post their videos too!  We’ll see.  Anyway, I hope this has opened your mind to how you think about the lyrical content of songs.  Don’t be afraid to think abstractly!  I was gonna say “think outside the box,” but quite honestly there is no box.



What are your thoughts on this?

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