Music Mondays #5: No Looking Back by Damita

No Looking Back
by Damita Haddon

verse 1
I am leaving this place now
Letting go of all my fears
Saying goodbye to the memories I hold dear

I can finally breathe again
It’s a new day farewell past
As I close this chapter I say free at last

I made up my mind
There’s no turning back
The past is behind me
There’s no looking back
I’m looking forward not behind
I made the decision to give You my life
And there’s no looking back (3x)

verse 2
Every step I take is new
I found courage to go on
Though it’s rough sometimes
I still have to be strong

I may have to walk alone
But the One who lives inside me
Is always there to comfort and to guide


I can see the sun breaking through the clouds
Lift my hands ‘cuz I’m all right now
I can shout about it
I can laugh about it
I can talk about it
Oh oh oh oh

Said there’s no looking back


As you probably already know, I’m on a new journey in my life.  It’s the journey of all journeys so far.  This is the journey to finally be where God has called me to be.  It’s so exciting and scary at the same time!  Every time I think about this song, I think of the second verse.  That may be because I’ve already given my life to Christ and haven’t looked back, so maybe I can’t totally identify with the first verse.  But, I love the second verse.  That so totally describes my life right now.  Every step I’m taking is new, and somehow I mustered up the courage to do this!  It’s going to get more rough than it is now, but I still have to be strong.  The story of my life is about walking alone, but the Spirit inside of me has always been there to lead and guide me!  What song would describe your life right now?

P.S.  Maybe I’ll write another post another day why this video is SO not cool!



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