Music Mondays #6: “Best Thing” by Damita

Best Thing
by Damita Haddon

Oh, I love you so
Got to let the whole world know
That You are the best thing that happened to me
The best thing that happened to me
Don’t know what I’d do
If it wasn’t for You, Lord
You are the best thing that happened to me
The best thing that happened to me

verse 1
Let me express to you
Exactly how I feel
My deepest gratitude
And love is so sincere
Words can’t begin to tell
All I want to say
So I’ll just lift up my hands
And sing to You this praise


verse 2
Lord, You are the only one [for me]
Who makes my life complete, oh oh
In Your arms I’ll run
In You I find relief, yeah
So thankful You’re mine
And I’m so glad I’m Yours
No other one I can find
To compare, I’m sure


I’m so in love and I can’t deny
Won’t go nowhere without You by my side
You’re the best that I have in my life
Since I met You everything is all right

You are the best thing that happened
The best thing that happened (2x)
You are the best thing that happened to me

The melancholy part of me typically would not allow myself to feature two songs by the same artist back to back, but I just had to do this one.  I’ve always liked this song, but sadly not for it’s lyrical content.  The island beat and staggered phrasing really makes the song–to me.  But today I really just got what the song was talking about!  Sad, I know.  Being musically gifted is a blessing and a curse.  The blessings are obvious, but the curse is a menace!  While most people are listening to a song and being blessed by it, I’m listening to the instrumentation, the notes, the runs, the phrasing, the chords, and everything else but what’s important:  the words.  And it’s funny because I actually enjoy lyrics!  I don’t know.  I’m weird–I know that!  Anyway, I think that’s one reason why it takes me a while to get into worship at church.  My initial reaction is to observe and listen, but of course I have to remind myself of what I’m there for and go in.  I think that’s why  it was easier for me to worship when I was singing with the choir.  A singer is a minister, so I was always in the frame of mind that I am responsible for ministering and leading people into the presence of God, so I showed up ready!

Anyway, that was an EXTREMELY long intro that had nothing to do with the original intent of this post LOL.  SO…the best thing that happened!  On Saturday, the Lord led me to a scripture (Ps. 30:11 <–it reads best in the CEV if you’re interested).  After I read it I explored a few chapters after it and came across Ps. 50:14.  It says, “I am God Most High!  The only sacrifice I want is for you to be thankful and to keep your word.”  Now, of course, I didn’t know at that time that being thankful and having an attitude of gratitude was going to be the thesis of yesterday’s message.  I took it as God telling me what I should do to start regaining credibility with myself–I know this is random, and I promise I’ll explain in another post.  And I’m sure it was that too, but man, Pastor Crute was all over my personal time with God on Saturday.  So, why this song?  I heard this song after leaving church Sunday, and it just REEKED of thankfulness and gratitude!  I must have played it like six times because it was almost as if I had never heard it before.  I’m not gonna go line by line like I normally do.  You’re gonna have to get this one for yourselves!!  Anyway, at this place in my life, and this journey God has me on, I can truly recognize that Jesus IS the best thing that happened to me!

Sorry…couldn’t find a video, but at least you can listen to the song.



What are your thoughts on this?

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