Music Mondays #7: “Loaded Gun” by Chris Sligh

Loaded Gun
by Chris Sligh

verse 1

Love is a loaded gun and my trigger finger lingers
Waiting for the right time to let this go
I know I’m not the only one
Who feels this; hears this; is it a near miss
‘Cuz I think it’s finally time to let my feelings show
Are good intentions as far as I can go?

Kind words, just a bullet in a chamber
Big talk, but nothing’s ever changing
Take aim, but never making my mark
Love can change the world
But it’s gotta start with my heart.

verse 2

Love is a gift of one
And it’s all I can buy
But I’m looking for a reason I can give it now
Every single mother’s son reaches out for love from someone
And I hold the key to breaking through the doubt
Are good intentions as far as I can go?


Are good intentions as far as I can go?

chorus 2x

I love the imagery in this song.  Love is a loaded gun waiting for someone to pull the trigger.  Kind words are bullets in the chamber just ready to be fired!  To take it a step further, good intentions are also bullets waiting in the chamber.  How many times do we think about someone but don’t bother to check up on them?  I am the WORST!  How many times do we know of someone in need, and we have the means to help them, but we just “say” that we’ll pray for them?  How many times do we know of someone who is grieving, but all we say is “I’m sorry to hear that” instead of checking to see how we can help them?  How many times do we see things we can change and don’t do it; say, “how you doin’,” but don’t wait or care for a response; walk people people who need help but don’t do anything and we have the means?  Sometimes talk really is cheap!  Love is a powerful thing, and we really could change the world if we would just invoke its power!  Many people don’t care to abide by the Bible, but they will take heed to “positive principles.”  Most positive principles stem from the Bible anyway, but let’s take a look at a few.  We won’t be able to bring about world peace with this, but we can certainly change our communities if everyone starts within their own homes!

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”  Prov. 15:1 (NIV)
Have you ever been yelling at someone, but they respond with “I love you,” or something nice like that?  Of course it confuses you at first, but doesn’t it make you less upset?  Conversely, if they fired back on you the argument would keep building up.  Be a peacemaker, and use kind words.

The Golden Rule (Matt. 7:1)
No one likes to be judged, talked about, picked on, belittled, slandered, assaulted, cheated, tricked, abused, labeled, left-out, taken advantage of, embarrassed, and the like, so why would you do these things to someone else?  One of the most quoted phrases from my mother growing up was “what goes around comes around,” and that is so true!  I’ll continue this thought in the next section.

“….A man reaps what he sows.”  Gal. 6:7 (NIV)
I know you recognize this one!  Let’s say it together…one…two…three…”you reap what you sow!”  That’s what “what goes around comes around” means.  Sow means to plant, and reap means to harvest.  In 2010 language, plant would mean to “dish out,” and harvest is what you get back.  So, if you dish out negative, then you’ll get negative back.  Remember the argument?  If you dish out lies and deceit, then you’ll get lies and deceit back.  If you dish out kindness, then you will get back kindness.  When and how is up to God, so do NOT get discouraged if you don’t get it back right away in the form you think it should come back.  It can take up to five years for a bamboo tree to start growing….



What are your thoughts on this?

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