Music Mondays #9: He’ll Arrive (Coming Back) by Yolanda Adams

He’ll Arrive (Coming Back)
by Yolanda Adams feat. Kelly Price

Jesus is coming back
Time to make up for all you lack
Neither you nor I
Know the day or the time
He’ll arrive, He’ll arrive

verse 1
There are things that seem right in your mind
There’s a time in life when things must change
Will you sacrifice a little of your time to get right?
Now is the time to get it right for…


verse 2
He’s coming like a thief in the night for your life
And He’ll catch off guard if your heart aint right
Don’t you hesitate
The longer that you wait it may be too late
And you don’t want it to end that way


Ooh, ooh, ooh
Oh get your house in order
He’s coming back, yes He is
For me and you
Get right, get right


I had something else planned for today, but it can wait until next week.  I decided to capture this song for this week’s MM post in honor of our small group study on the book of Revelations.  Yesterday we covered chapters 11-14, and we had a nice, candid discussion about what we read instead of going through the actual lesson.  I really enjoyed our discussion.  Anyway, I’m not gonna be long on this one because whether you believe it or not, Jesus really IS coming back…and a LOT sooner than you think!!  These ARE the end times, and at this point in time you either believe in Jesus or not.  You’re either ready to go back with Him or not.  We don’t have time to argue and belabor the point anymore.  Christians, we need to really be about our Father’s business!!  Unbelievers, you need to accept Christ so that you can be taken away with us when He comes back.  You DO NOT want to be left down here because it is soooooo not going to be pretty!  He IS the only way out of here, and if you don’t believe it, then sadly you’ll have to discover that the hard way.  We honestly do not have the time to beg, plead, and convince you that Jesus is real and loves you.  You’ve been hearing it your whole life, and have probably had plenty of opportunities to respond to what you heard.  Please get right before He comes back!  I want you in Heaven with me.



What are your thoughts on this?

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