Good Songs

I know I talk a lot about what frustrates me about black Christian music, aka “gospel,” however, today I’ll do the opposite.  I don’t want to confuse those of you who know that I am a lover of this music 🙂 .

Although there are a LOT of dumb songs out there, there is something else that’s happening that I love!  Has anyone noticed this wave of worship songs taking over??  I love it!  If you haven’t read my previous post “Dumb Songs,” then I would highly suggest that you do that to have a point of reference.  However, if you’re lazy :-p I’ll give you a VERY brief summary:  The lyrical content of a lot of gospel music is self-centered.  There are a lot of songs that are out now that [lyrically] I would expect to hear on my local CCM station.  These lyrics are rich and totally God-centered, and I love them.

“I give myself away so You can use me….”

“There’s a Voice that cries out in the silence searching for a heart that will love Him….”

“Jesus, the Lamb, the Great I Am; wonderful and matchless King; the Word on whom I stand; giver of life to every man.  I lift my hands and worship in Your presence….”

“I will sing praises to You.  You’re worthy if everything.  I was created to worship You.  This is my offering….”

…and many more

These are GOOD songs!  What are some recent songs you like?


What are your thoughts on this?

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