Christmas, Santa, and Christians

The message from a few Sundays ago is still lingering in my thoughts, and I’ll probably never let it go.  Another thing my pastor mentioned had to do with something I’ve felt my entire life.  I have NEVER understood how Christians can endorse Santa.  The challenge Pastor Crute put out was, because Christmas is for Jesus, what would happen if we emphasized Jesus and told our children that it’s because of HIM that they have these gifts–not ol fatty in the red suit.

I became a Christian as a child, and even before then I could not wrap my head around Santa.  Maybe it’s because of the Christian environment I grew up in, but I have never been able to believe that there is a  man who is omniscient and omnipresent but is not God, has magical powers, lives in the North Pole alone with his wife, rides in a sleigh powered by reindeer that fly, AND flies around the WHOLE earth in a matter of like 4 or 5 hours delivering exactly what every child wants!  Sounds kinda bazaar now, huh?

What bothers me now is that Santa has crept inside the church!  I was driving to work last week, and the church I pass had a sign that read, “Get your picture taken with Santa this Saturday!”  I was like WHAT?!  Doesn’t that kinda counteract the message that the church is supposed to be giving?  One of the radio stations I listen to has even watered down the message.  They talk about Santa ALL the time.  They mainly say that Christmas is about giving, and occasionally they say that it’s about Jesus. I understand that they are trying to be sensitive to the non-believers who listen to the station, but come on man.  Christmas is one of the two biggest days of the year for a Christian.  On Christmas and Easter we need to be SHINING like no other!  True, we should shine everyday, but these are OUR holidays!  Why are we trying to hide our reason for existence?

Typically when I ask Christians why they tell their kids about Santa, they say that it’s just something fun for the kids.  I can totally see how you would think that, but I urge you to think about what you are doing to the child.  I know it can be difficult sometimes for adults to remember what it was like being a child.  However, you should know that your children believe and remember every word that comes out of your mouth.  So, if you tell them Santa is real, then they’ll believe it without question.  They’re going to spend half of their lives believing in this fictitious character trying to please him so they can get what they want on this one occasion.  What’s going to happen when the child grows up and realizes you’ve been lying this whole time?  Heck, why would you spend your hard earned money that sometimes you didn’t have, and then attribute everything to some dude that doesn’t exist??  Naw man, if I’m spending MY money nobody gets the credit but ME!  Stop letting the enemy usurp the power God has given you.  The enemy?  Yes, the enemy!  Who else would be behind all this?  Oh, what…you thought that because Jesus is a really nice guy He doesn’t mind us thanking someone else on HIS birthday?  Do you think Jesus thinks Santa is cute and fun?  Is it possible that Jesus could be upset that He is not the focus on His own birthday?  Just a thought….

So, Christians, I challenge you to think about why you still endorse Santa, and see if there’s something you can do differently to give Jesus a better birthday celebration.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Are you a Christian and either believe in Santa, tell your kids about Santa, or plan to tell your kids about Santa?  Why or why not?  Post your replies (and to my FB folk, that means on HERE…don’t comment on my post on Facebook.  thanx).


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