Music Mondays #12: Christmas Music

Ok…I know it’s Wednesday LOL!  Surprisingly enough, or maybe not, my life hasn’t slowed down much since the semester ended.  I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get a break before it starts up again.  Anyway, this week’s MM post is a little different because I don’t have one song to highlight.  However, as long as I’m talking about music, then I think the MM category is appropriate.

My world has been rocked as it relates to Christmas ever since that message from 11/28!  The wheels are STILL turning!  I don’t remember if it was a note on FB or an old post, but I remember writing about how I felt about non-traditional Christmas music.  To recap, I said that when it comes to Christmas music, I prefer the older traditional songs over newer “made up” ones.  Typically the traditional songs are very musical and sometimes jazzy and I LOVE that.  Some of the lyrics are silly, but at least you know it’s about Christmas.  These days people get off track.  True, most secular music is about love and relationships, but bringing that mindset into Christmas doesn’t do it for me.  Thinking about All I Want For Christmas Is You, what does me wanting you for Christmas have to do with the season?  When Christmas is over, I’ll still want you LOL!  Those lyrics to me are extremely uncreative.  Even within Christian music the message of Christmas has a tendency to get lost at times.  I heard an old Amy Grant song for the first time this year, and it just jacks me up.  She says, “I need a silent night, a holy night….[and something else about needing to get away from all the chaos and the noise].”  The song is basically talking about the stresses of life and needing a break.  Every time I hear it, I scream at the radio, “WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS??  JUST BECAUSE YOU THROW ‘SILENT NIGHT’ IN YOUR SONG DOESN’T CLASSIFY IT AS CHRISTMAS!!”  As you can see, I’m very passionate about my Christmas music LOL.

Before my eyes were opened to Christmas not being just about Jesus’ birth, I felt that all Christian-based Christmas music should be centered around it (i.e. that night, the baby, the birth, what the baby’s birth means, etc.).  There’s a song by Hezekiah Walker that used to irk me.  I don’t remember what the title was, but pretty much the ENTIRE life of Jesus was in this song.  It started out with him being in a manger, and by the end of the song He was dead LOL.  The vamp goes like this:

On time to die

Now He

And now He lives inside of me

I used to be confused and frustrated with how he can stick ALL of our holidays into one song lol.  However, ever since I’ve found out that I should celebrate the LIFE of Jesus on Christmas, I find it slightly difficult to separate Christmas and Easter!  Yes, Christmas is celebrates His birth, and Easter celebrates His death, but the song is right:  He was born to die!

I love Now Behold The Lamb by Kirk Franklin & The Family.  It’s such a beautiful song, and it’s another perfect song for my new revelation like O Holy Night.  It talks about Jesus being born into sin which sets up the reason why He came.  Then it kinda goes the Easter route talking about how we can’t understand why He loves us so much.  It ends with a current day application:  because of Your grace I can finish this race…. Beautiful!  A perfect song for a perfect man depicting His perfect life.  Amen!


What are your thoughts on this?

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