Music Mondays #14: Tatum’s Testimony

by Donald Lawrence

I’ve got a story to tell you
About some things that I’ve been through
But I’m healed
Oh, I’m healed

I had some ups and downs
Leveled to the ground
But I’m healed
Oh, I’m healed

verse 2
I had to wrestle all night long
Wondering what went wrong
But I’m healed
Oh, I’m healed

I had some sunshine and some rain
Heartache and some pain
I’m healed
Oh, I’m healed

My God has touched me
He’s set my soul free
My heart is mended
I’m whole again
No chains are holding me

Got my liberty
I am healed
I am healed
I’m healed today

I may have some scars
I am healed
I’m still healed
I am healed

Oh oh oh I am healed
I am healed
I am healed
With His stripes I am healed



I’ve always loved this song, but I love it even more now!  It says everything that I think Tatum will be saying for the rest of her life.  I pray that in times of doubt and insecurity that she’ll remember this and see how much God loves her and how much He’s done for her.  This has got to be the most “watery” post I’ve ever written, but also one of the most heartfelt and exciting ones yet!!  I’ve been claiming the victory since day one.  The doctors have tried to throw water on the flames at times–although they meant well and just doing their jobs–but I haven’t believed anything they’ve said yet!  I know what I want for Tatum, and that’s what I pray and have others pray with me.  When I talk about the situation, it’s always positive and getting better; and guess what?  It’s getting better!  The power of the spoken word is tremendous, and everyone could stand to tap into it.  She’s not totally out of the woods yet, but I can definitely see the end of the tree line ahead!

HA!  I just realized the name of this CD is called Speak Life.  That’s exactly what we’re doing:  speaking life, and teaching those around us to do the same.  This is one reason why it pays to be nice and treat people well.  There were plenty of people we saw in the ICU everyday that had no visitors.  Not saying they’re bad people, but I’m sure there are some that exist that have people that could have come.  In case you go through a storm like this, who will be in your corner?  Will you have people praying for you?  I know a lot of people, and I always have.  I may not be the loudest, smartest, prettiest, or most anything that will make me noticeable.  However, I chose to live my life in such a way that just in case I forget about them, they will never forget about me.  That’s not a selfish or a pride thing, but my desire to make a God-kind of impression on them so that in my absence they can still see God or find Him if they don’t know Him.  What kind of impression are you leaving?


What are your thoughts on this?

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