Waiting For God Series

If you do not have a journal, then I almost command you to get one and start writing in it ūüôā

Seriously though, I can’t think of a better way to chronicle your life and track your growth/experiences throughout the years.¬† I mean, really…unless you have an AWESOME memory or you just stumble across a lot of situations that jog it, how else can you remember everything you’ve gone through and if you have overcome it yet?¬† <–that’s my soap box moment for the day.¬† Anyway, I’m a huge supporter of journaling.¬† I occasionally go through mine to see what was going on with me.¬† I came across one journal that I hadn’t looked in for a long time–like a year or more.¬† I’d like to share with you¬† something that I wrote back in ’08.¬† Not exactly sure what prompted me to look up all the ways you can wait for God, but I had searched through the Bible for the words wait and waiting, and I came up with 8 basic ways that you can wait for God.¬† I’ll take the next 8 days to cover them.¬† I hope it helps somebody!¬† Be sure to leave your comments.

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