Waiting For God Patiently

Need I say more?  lol, for real, this one explains itself.  One of those old songs says that you can’t hurry God!  It’s true because we’re not even in the same space and time as God.  We’re in totally different time zones LOL.  But you know what?  Waiting patiently has waaaay more to do than just not rushing.  When you wait patiently there is a certain attitude that you possess.  Have you ever seen people wait in a line, and although they’re not saying anything they’re rolling their eyes and tapping their feet?  True, they “waited,” but it was SO not patient.  Patience is more a condition of the heart than a physical thing to do.  For example, let’s take us single women.  Sorry y’all, but I’m calling us out!!  We all want to get married–NOW!  We  know we have to wait patiently for God to send someone, and we expect that one day He will.  So, we call ourselves creating a life for ourselves and getting involved in ministry because that’s what you should do while you’re waiting.  However, all the while we complain about being single, wish we could get married, and are constantly talking about it amongst ourselves.  You might just think you’re having a discussion, but expressing your dissatisfaction is a form of impatience!  If you believe that God is going to do something, then shut up and let the Man do it!  Sure, it’s natural to talk about what you want and stuff like that, but don’t wallow in it.  Focus on God!  Thank and praise Him in advance for what you’re expecting Him to do!  Spend time actually preparing yourself to receive whatever it is that you’re expecting.

Psalm 37:7 (CEV)

Be patient and trust the LORD.Don’t let it bother you

when all goes well for those

who do sinful things.

Psalm 130:5 (CEV)

With all my heart,I am waiting, LORD, for you!

I trust your promises.

Lamentations 3:26 (CEV)

It is good to wait patientlyfor the LORD to save us.

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