Waiting For God Desperately

Psalm 38:9-16 (MSG)

Lord, my longings are sitting in plain sight,
my groans an old story to you.
My heart’s about to break;
I’m a burned-out case.
Cataracts blind me to God and good;
old friends avoid me like the plague.
My cousins never visit,
my neighbors stab me in the back.
My competitors blacken my name,
devoutly they pray for my ruin.
But I’m deaf and mute to it all,
ears shut, mouth shut.
I don’t hear a word they say,
don’t speak a word in response.
What I do, God, is wait for you,
wait for my Lord, my God—you will answer!
I wait and pray so they won’t laugh me off,
won’t smugly strut off when I stumble.

Does that sound desperate or what?!  There’s not much you won’t do when you’re desperate.  God wants that kind of reckless abandon type attitude while you’re waiting.  You have to be serious while waiting for Him, and desperation is truly a serious thing.  Unfortunately, most times desperation comes as a last resort.  What would happen if we’re always desperate for God while we wait?  In my opinion He’ll probably move a little faster when He see’s how serious you are about this thing!  I don’t know.  We should try it!

Check out more desperation:

Psalm 130:6 (CEV)

wait for you more eagerlythan a soldier on guard duty

waits for the dawn.

Yes, I wait more eagerly

than a soldier on guard duty

waits for the dawn.

Psalm 39:7, 8 (MSG)

What am I doing in the meantime, Lord?
Hoping, that’s what I’m doing—hoping
You’ll save me from a rebel life,
save me from the contempt of dunces.
I’ll say no more, I’ll shut my mouth,
since you, Lord, are behind all this.

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