My Easter Sermon


I’m going to try and keep this brief and to the point, but most of you know that I will fail miserably 🙂 

I tried to think up a cute story to tell, or some really awesome analogy, but I think I’m the most talented at sticking with the truth.  The radio station I listen to the most always has a topic for people to call in and weigh in on.  The topic on Friday was for parents:  since Easter is the Christian’s BIG holiday, how do you incorporate the importance while still keeping it fun?  Basically what they wanted to know was how do you balance Jesus with the Easter bunny?  Although I understand what they’re saying, I think it’s a pretty dumb question.  Kids believe what you tell them, and parents need to stop being afraid to tell their kids the truth.  Since when did it become important that the children feel accepted by their peers?  We’re CHRISTIANS!!  We’re not supposed to fit in!!!

Ok, that had nothing to do with what I was going to say, but it wouldn’t be called The Soap Box if I didn’t go off on something LOL.  Oh, one more thought about that.  I feel the same way about the Easter bunny as I feel about Santa.  So, without having to rehash all of that just go back and read what I said about the fat guy in the red suit.

Anyway, I originally was not going to dress up this year.  After all, what does a new, hot outfit have to do with the resurrection of our Lord and Savior?  However, I remembered a dress I got last year for another occasion that I haven’t worn to church yet; and I just so happened to get my hair straightened on Friday.  So, you know…I’m gonna be looking fly anyway, so I might as well go all out LOL!  Seriously though, I don’t buy into all this commercial stuff that has no basis in anything.  Well, actually there is some history behind all of this, but we’ll have to discuss that at a later date.  Maybe you’d think twice before promising your kids a visit from the Easter bunny next year.  But anyway, just like Christmas, Jesus gets squeezed out of His own celebration–again!  Except THIS celebration should be even bigger than His birthday party!  Christmas is awesome, but Easter is the hotness!  Jesus being born is great, but the whole mission was about Him dying to save us from death.  Mission accomplished!!  We are now all free to go to Heaven if we choose to live in the way that God ordained for us to live.

  As you are having fun with your kids today–and honestly there’s nothing wrong with a little fun–make sure they understand why we celebrate Easter with excitement and enthusiasm.  Honestly, even the name Easter has its roots in a “non-Jesus” origin.  So, during this resurrection Sunday, holy week, or whatever you want to call it, share Jesus with your children.  Make sure they know that hunting for eggs and expecting gift baskets from a fake rabbit is not the truth and something you all do for fun–if you chose to participate in that.  Make sure they understand that there is a very real God out there who has a very real love for us, and He sent His very real Son to earth to die on a very real cross to pay the penalty for our very real sin.  There’s nothing fake about that!!

God’s love is bigger than any power that any of the fictitious characters we believe in has.  His love is unexplainable!  I mean, tell me why would the creator of the UNIVERSE be soo concerned about the situation here on earth that He would sacrifice His ONLY son for YOU???  You weren’t even a thought in anyone’s mind yet!  However, God saw you all these thousands of years later right where you are right now and He loved you and had mercy on you.  He agreed that everything that you were ever going to do wrong He would forget about it and forgive you if you ask Him to because of His son.  That’s absolutely ridiculous!  It’s such a great deal, but we’re so self-centered we reject the deal every day in order to stay comfortable, maintain our status, have so-called fun, stay popular, or whatever it is that keeps us from accepting Jesus.

We have got to get over our skewed views of God!!  I know a lot of people don’t want to accept Jesus because they think His Father is some mean old man that’s out to catch you doing everything wrong.  I totally get that because I’m overcoming some messed up views of God myself!  Yeah…Christians have them too, and probably way worse than non-believers.  Would you believe me if I told you that God is not a mean old man?  If you do, great.  If not, then get this.  God actually loves you soooo much not only did He allow His only child to be brutally murdered for you, but He longs to spend time with YOU!  He wants to shower you with blessings and show you things that will just blow your mind.  He wants to be your BFF, and it has NOTHING to do with you!  He’s just so awesome, and goodness exudes from Him.  He wants to do it because HE is good–you are SO not good lol.  Neither am I.  None of us deserve the things He has for us compared to His own Son who was truly perfect and never did or said anything wrong EVER!  God is still crazy in love with us, and it doesn’t have to make since.  All you have to do is accept that He will never fall out of love with you, and live the way He wants you to live–that’s the least you can do to show Him you appreciate His love and sacrifice.   Whaddaya say?  Will you accept His gift?  I hope that you will.  You don’t want to find out what happens if you don’t!

Enjoy your family & friends today.  Find some eggs.  Eat lots of chocolate.  BUT…please do not forget about Jesus.  God bless!



What are your thoughts on this?

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