The Power of Jesus

Redeemed for a Purpose

This is my second annual Easter e-sermon 😉  Last year I talked about not leaving Jesus out of the holiday, and shortly afterward chronicled the salvation story in a narrative.  This year I’d like to talk about not taking Jesus for granted.  We talked about this in church recently, and it’s still on my mind.

For most Christians, Jesus lives in a small box–outside of our hearts, but that’s a different message.  When we talk about Jesus, we talk about Him as a savior, healer, deliverer, protector, strong tower, provider, and whatever else we say.  Jesus is the creator of all things, and we shrink Him down to this.  We limit what He can do in our lives.  How is it that someone who created air–colorless, odorless, weightless, invisible, but yet sustains life–can only save us from eternal death, heal us from disease, get us out of jams, keep us safe, and hook us up with stuff?  Is that all He died for?  If I were Jesus I think I’d be bored with that lol.  Jesus created everything there is!  EVERYTHING!  Whatever you see, He made it.  Whatever your profession is, He’s the best their is.  Whatever  good idea you have, He gave it to you!  Jesus could be so much more to us if we would recognize and get to know Him as a creator.  I know it’s a bit odd talking about Jesus the creator for Easter, but it will all come together in a minute.

We know that Jesus died so we can all be with Him in Heaven, but that’s not all He died for.  If that was the case, then once we get saved we should be able to live however we want, right?  Jesus died so that we can have life–a more abundant life (John 10:10b, paraphrased).  “More abundant” doesn’t mean filled with more stuff and living a wild and crazy life.  It means living a truly free life.  If you don’t know what it means to be truly free, then I suggest you read…well, actually I can’t find the post I was looking for, so I’ll have to write about that later.  Send me an email via the contact page if you’re really curious.  Anyway, living a life full of what?  Whatever God allows for your life!  It could be huge, and it may not, but God’s plans are perfect.  His eternal plans do involve you–that’s only if you accept it that is.

I’ve already urged you to accept Jesus and to keep Him at the core of your life.  This Easter, I urge you to take Jesus out of your box and see what He can really do.  We asked Him to save us.  Done!  Heal me.  Done. Deliver me.  Done.  Protect me.  Done…next!  Allow Jesus to “make it do what it do!”  Let Him into your whole life because only He can really help you.  No matter the problem, great or small, He can solve them ALL!  Discovery comes through revelation, and we can only discover what Jesus allows us to discover.  All of the knowledge that we have stored in encyclopedias and databases is only a handful of what’s really out there.  We only know what Jesus allows us to know, and we won’t know anymore unless we tap into the knowledge of Jesus!  I’m not saying that we need to know Him only for what He knows.  He’s not the smart kid in school that everyone wants to be friends with before the test.  He is Yoda!  The great sage whom everyone recognizes as being wise therefore listen, we must.

On this day, we commemorate Jesus in His resurrected state.  Yay, Jesus!  Thank You SOOOOOO much for doing that.  But now Jesus is living in each of us who actively follow Him.
 Let us remember that He is alive and still at work in our lives.  He is risen, and I love that, but He didn’t rise for us to go around saying He is risen.  Let me take a quick tangent, and by His grace I’ll be able to link it back to his LOL.  We’re called to be fishers of men, right?  What does that mean?  Pretty much that the job of every Christian is to make disciples.  What does that mean?  Everyone is supposed to share the Good News.  That’s true, but that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to hit the streets and witness to people.  There are different types of evangelism.  The Bible says that our lives should be living epistles to be seen and read by men.  What’s an epistle?  Modern translations say a letter to be read.  A lot of church folks say that the Bible is God’s love letter to us.  All in all, what do you do with a letter?  You read it!  Why?  Because someone has something to say to you, or maybe there’s some information you wanted to get.  Either way, letters get our attention.  It’s not like TV where we zone in and out.  When we get a letter we sit and read it all.  So, if we’re supposed to be letters to be read by other people, then that means that we have something to say to them, and/or we have information that we need to give.  What is the info, or what do we have to tell them?  The Good News!  Back to evangelism…it says that our lives are letters, right?  Christians should be leading different lives.  When people look at us they should be saying, “WHOA!  I need what they have!”  What do we have?  Jesus!  What can Jesus do for us?  EVERYTHING!  At our jobs, we should be the ones coming up with all the brilliant ideas because Jesus is the most brilliant person there is!  Christians should make all of the earth shattering discoveries because we should be in tune with Him to reveal those things to us.  As Christians, we should run this joint, but we don’t because we have Jesus in a tiny box.  LET HIM OUT!  Discover Jesus in new ways!  Stop talking to Him about the same old problems.  He already knows, and He heard you the first time.  Pray brand new prayers!  Sing brand new songs!  Worship Him for who He is, and not just for what He can do for us.  HE’S ALIVE!  So…let Him live.


What are your thoughts on this?

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