Support this film!

I don’t think I really show this side of me much, and if I don’t I probably not very intentional about it.  I LOVE Christian media!  This is what has me back in school.  I have all kinds of ideas floating about my head on how to create innovative mediums to promote the gospel without being cheesy, typical, and boring.  I’ve got TV shows, radio stations, books, and a movie in my head right now!  Anyway, I’m not “there” yet, but here is someone who is.  This is my boy Tyrone, and I’ve known him for what…five or six years now.  This movie has been his passion the whole time I’ve known him and waaaay before then.  I’ve watched him grow and develop as a man of God, but I’ve especially enjoyed watching him grow as a leader and opening up to people.  He and his awesome wife Toni are going to do ginormous things!!

So, the movie…it’s gonna be great.  But, they need our help.  They need $12,500 by the middle of October.  You KNOW I’ve already contributed!  This movie is clean (sex, drug, language and violence free!), safe for the whole family, and funny.  Tyrone is doing what I wish more Christian producers/directors would do:  make movies that instill a message without all the “extra” stuff they add in to make it more “real.”  It just taints everything to me.  Anyway, take a look at this message from the producer, writer, and director of Kung Fu, Ol Skool & Tyrone, and PLEASE consider contributing!  If you’re not a Christian, then support it just because it’s a good, clean movie, and the world needs more of that.  Take it away Ty!